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That's right, we're not nearly done with the Google IO cover. Here we have the LG Ally, a mid-level Android phone that's going for $99 after rebate with Verizon. In and of itself, it's not a bad little phone. But when you consider that you can get another horizontal slider on Verizon -- what's it called? Oh, yeah, the Motorola Droid -- for next to nothing these days, it's kind of a tough sell.

The keyboard itself wasn't bad, but the overall experience (and we take this with a slight grain of salt given that who knows how many people used this thing before us) was a bit sluggish and, again, just not as quick as the Droid.


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Hands-on with the LG Ally [#io2010]


Is it just me or does this phone look like a Blackberry Storm? Really similar styling cues. That alone would make me not buy this phone lol.

Whomever did the video should be slapped. We didn't want a hand model showing every angle of the phone. Would have been nice to see the browser, youtube and maybe a couple of popular apps fire up.

Actually it reminds me of the LG Voyager and enV Touch and that's a good thing. Keyboard isn't as nice but it is ages ahead of the Droid from what I can see.

The sluggishness factor could be negated with a factory reset if they were concerned about who may have used it before. It's not the Incredible (or N1) and in a lot of ways that is a good thing. Not as fast a processor so it should get better battery life than the Incredible which is something that is a must for me with a day to day talking/texting phone. I still use the enV Touch for that but would LOVE to be able to replace it with an Android device... keeping an eye on this ...

its not a tough sell for me, its priced right when your upgrading at full retail! almost 200 cheaper than a droid

cant wait to get mine from fedex guy today!

I have to concur with the "sluggish" assessment.
I got one of these, because, well, I wanted android, and I had enjoyed my previous LG Env3 (and wanted a "real" keyboard). Also, of course, the price was right.
But, the Ally is slow, and sometimes completely locks up.
Rebooting seems to resolve that.
Not behavior I expect from a linux-based system, so, I assume it's hardware related.
It also eats battery juice like mad. I don't know if other android phones do the same. I charge it overnight, and by 4pm it's begging to be plugged in again, even using the task manager to autokill anything not essential when the screen locks.
Still, definitely LOVING the android platform!