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Anyone who has ever used an iOS device or an Apple computer, will likely have come across Echofon at some point along the way. While it may have been caught up, and even passed, in popularity since, it has been around for some time. Funnily enough, around the same sort of time the Echofon team announced that they would be withdrawing any future support for their Mac client, the alpha build of their Android application started doing the rounds. The desktop app is now no longer, with the Mac version having been withdrawn from the Mac App Store leaving the developers, Naan Studio, free to concentrate on mobile. The Android build of Echofon recently entered its beta phase, so we took some time out to take a look and see how it fares. 

Echofon for Android Video Walkthrough 

This is a public beta, so anyone can give it a try -- download links can be found at the bottom of this post. Upon starting up for the first time, the first thing that hits you is the ads. It is ad supported, and while they can be hidden by tapping the cross they're still quite prominent at the top of the timeline. Hopefully, a 'pro' version will be offered for purchase in future, as the ads do spoil the appearance somewhat. 

Android Central   Android Central

The appearance itself is first rate. This has been designed with Android 4.x in mind, following the design guidelines really nicely. There are two themes, dark and light, and as is so often the way it's the dark theme we recommend. Granted, there's really only so much you can expect to see in the main view of a Twitter client, but everything is here, accessed by the tabs at the bottom of the screen. Some will prefer this, some not so much.

Scrolling performance is pretty good, especially considering we're not yet looking at a final build. In truth, overall performance has been pretty good since the initial alpha builds. It does get a little janky from time to time when scrolling up and down through your timeline, but overall isn't bad at all.

 Android Central   Android Central

Looking nice is one thing, but features are what a Twitter user really craves. Echofon has taken full advantage of the new exandable notifications in Jelly Bean, allowing you to fully view a tweet as well as reply or retweet right from the notification bar. The compose Tweet window is as you would expect, with options to take a photo, choose from the gallery, or add your location to your tweets. 

Android Central   Android Central

Speaking of location, the message shown above greets you the first time you try to Geotag one of your tweets. No accidental location adding, the power is firmly within the users hands. And we like that. 

Settings wise, there are the usual sort of visual options, how you want names to appear, how you want notifications to appear, choice of photo uploading service. Where Echofon looks to stand out, is by syncing with other Echofon products. So, if you should happen to own one of those fruit based mobile devices, you should be able to sync across the two, something which helped make the original iOS/Desktop combination so popular initially. 

Android Central   Android Central

Lastly, lets talk widgets. They're nice. Really nice. Coming in a variety of sizes from the small to the full grid. The smallest widget is nothing more than quick access to your timeline, mentions, messages and to compose a tweet. The larger ones are effectively like mini versions of the app, showing the top entries  on your timeline along with the full control bar as well as the compose tweet icon. 

And that's about it. Twitter clients are plentiful, but we'll never turn our noses up at one which goes about its business as Echofon does. There's a client out there for everyone -- heck, some people even love the official Twitter app -- and for some this could well do the job. As it's still in beta, it isn't available in the Play Store just yet, but if you want to give it a try, follow the handy download link below. 

Download: Echofon beta for Android


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Hands on with Echofon beta for Android


Hey Twitter, these guys have designed better mobile apps then your mobile app yet you want them to limit how many users they could have................

Learn from these developers and screw you................

It still amazes me how crappy Twitter's own app is compared to other developers. Even after all this time the Twitter widget is a steaming pile of dung. I like what I'm seeing so far from Echofon. Love the widget.

Having never come across it before as I'm sure many others haven't .. I was surprised I had to read half way through the article before it was outed as a plain twitter client. Thanks.

I'm with you 100% on that very annoying to have too get through that much before even the word Twitter was mentioned

That being said our does look like a nice app

As it looks there is no push notifications on this one? Will there be such option on alpha app? Or I`m blind and can`t find the option for that?

there's push. just not mentioned in the article. been using the alpha here and there, and now the beta, it's quite nice. i still cant get rid of Plume though, its still the pinnacle of twitter apps on android IMO.

While this looks like a great client, I am in love with Falcon widget. As far as I'm concerned, going into an actual client for Twitter is redundant unless you're trying to do something advanced.

Bottom line: you never have to go into a client with Falcon, it's just a widget and a powerful one at that!

Odd. I've been using a Mac as my day-to-day computer for years, and I used my dad's iPad for a year until I got my Nexus 7. But I'd never heard of Echofon until now.

Why did it take me going past the jump and scrolling halfway through the review to find out that Echofon is a Twitter client?

This looks great. I used to use echofon on iOS so i'm glad it's coming to Android.

BTW, what ever happened to Carbon?

All these third party apps are very pretty, in that they adhere to the Android design guidelines. But most of them fall short of replacing the official Twitter app for me. The official one has multiple account support and push notifications. These are more important than UI to me, and most of these third party apps lack flawless execution of one or both of those features.

Yes, I'd like the official app to overhaul the UI, but I'll take its functionality over these others.

I agree. Blows everything I've ever tried out of the water, even the almighty Twicca, which was my daily driver until I discovered Tweetings! Been spreading the word ever since.

I had never heard of this before and had to get halfway down the article before I even found out that it was a Twitter client.