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Android Central @ CESThink your 5-inch phone is big? Here's a handset from China carrying a tablet-class display

The 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3? Tiny. The 5.9-inch HTC One Max? Petite. Sony's 6.4-inch Z Ultra? Dwarfed. Meet the Hisense X1 handset, on show at the Chinese manufacturer's CES booth in Las Vegas today. With a gargantuan 6.8-inch 1080p display, the X1 is almost as large as some of the smaller Android tablets out there — and while we weren't able to pocket-test the devices on show here today, we did have difficulty using it with any less than two hands. And externally it looks more than a little like the HTC One, with metallic sections at the top and bottom, and a subtly curved back panel. A variety of colors are available, including matte black, a glossier white and metallic blue and grey.

On the inside the device runs a quad-core Snapdragon CPU at 2.3GHz — likely a Snapdragon 800 — with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, so we're looking at typical high-end Android internals. There's a 13-megapixel camera around the back, a 5-megapixel front-facer and a whopping 3,900mAh battery to power the gigantic display. The model on show at the Hisense CES booth is for China Mobile, with 4G LTE support for that carrier.  The X1 runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Hisense's own custom UI, which focuses on flat icons and pastel colors, and performance is just as speedy as we'd expect from the hardware.

It's unclear whether the X1 in its current configuration will ever see a U.S. release, but buyers on China Mobile should be able to pick it up later this year, along with a range of accessories. We've got both of our hands on the Hisense X1 in our video after the break, along with some more photos.


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Both hands-on with the 6.8-inch Hisense X1


Looks exactly like a Z10.
If trend in phones are larger sizes, go all the way big or go home. New on my list.

Now that is a phablet! That's HUGE for a phone! I have no complaints about the Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet but can't imagine using it as a phone and this is nearly as big. Wow.

3-400 range off contact for China, in Q2

Price and carriers TBA for the US, but a confirmed Q4 release for the US. Some news sites are reporting that they're already in talks with two "big name" US carriers.

Just waiting on the 4.3 update for my Sero 7 pro. Otherwise impressed with Hisense so far.

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That has seriously crossed the line. I dont think people want a phone that is .2 inches smaler than a tablet. I mean, if the purpose of a phone is that it can fit it your pocket and be held in one hand comfortably, then this doesn't fit the bill. At least for me. Pretty son, 14 inch tablets and 9 inch phones will arrive everywhere at this rate.

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Bluetooth Headset!!!

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I just don't get it lol. Why have a phone you can't even HOLD in one hand. That would be useless for me.

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Rather use the 2013 Nexus 7 with LTE and VoIP myself. And I'll wait to see what Samsung does with the second generation International Note 8.0 which will hopefully do telephony - if they drop in 1080p or better, 3GB internal, 16GB or better RAM and microSD card I'm all in. As to people saying how do you put this to your head? BT stereo headset buds or if you're really into it pair it with say a HOT (as in the smartwatch firm HOT) Smartwatch and yes talk to your watch Dick Tracy style.

Personally I very rarely use my phone to talk to people. More email/IM/SMS kind of guy.

This guy gets it.

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Exactly how I use my phone as well. Bluetooth headset in use 99% of the time!

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Only reason I agree with you is because this doesn't have the full Android tablet UI - for some reason it still uses the phone interface. Hardware-wise this kicks the socks off of the Nexus 7-2

Not really... the only advantage it has is the S800 (vs the N7's S600) and the camera.

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Better cpu, better screen, better both cameras + flash, speakers on front instead of back, aluminium body (if you like that), SD slot, and a higher rated battery. I sure think it's a big improvement, Hardware-wise.

(though, software-wise I do prefer stock android)

When the original Note came out, everyone called it a tablet saying it's way too big to be a phone. I don't believe all this crap about this being too big for a phone, in a couple years this will be the standard in display size and all of you will change your minds "Omg this is such a perfect size for me"

colleagues used to think my Note 2 was a huge phone, but their phones all crept up in size with the Nexus 5 not being too far behind.
Now I am leading the pack again with an Xperia Z Ultra, and people are amazed.or stunned. or jealous. or horrified. something along those lines.

Hey! A fellow Z Ultra onwer! Yeah, I don't mind carrying the size at all since it is so thin. I've moved to a back pocket carry, which works really well for me.

They wasted all those resources making this when they coulda just made a nice affordable sequel to the Sero 7 Pro and/or a nice mid/high end 4.7-5" phone to go with it.
Also, where's my damn 4.3 update???

A greeeat phone no wait tablet no phone ach it's a phaaaaablet wow trumps the Z Ultra and the Mega the latter I owned and have recently sold. As much as I like big phones the Mega just wasn't practice and this is . 5" larger and yes that does make a difference lol

Samsung nailed it with the Note 3 and at 5.7" is my happy medium.

This f@cking huge phone is no doubt smooth and we'll designed but it's a tablet with telephoney that some might want to have to compensate for something else lol

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Got some hands on time with this guy Tuesday (and went back again Wednesday) and I have to say, it's gorgeous. If you love phablets, you'll love this. It's reminiscent of an HTC, with its metal body and stereo front speakers. It actually feels (may or may not actually be) smaller and more ergonomic than the Z Ultra even though the screen is bigger. The rear camera was pretty good, even on the showroom floor, and the 5 MP front camera impressed. The software is themeable, much like a modern LG, and the display is gorgeous.
Hisense WILL be bringing it to the US, but doesn't expect it to arrive till Q4 2014. The Chinese version will be released in Q2, with a Kitkat update a month after launch. The US version will launch with Kitkat. Pricing in China is expected to be in the "3-400" range, off contract, and the US version will, according to the reps I spoke to, be very similar to the Chinese version, and maintain the same specs sheet.

The reps I spoke to did not know anything about potential carrier partners, but various news sources are reporting that they're already in discussions with two different carriers.

its funny you know the first big phones were the htc titan 2, Samsung galaxy nexus, the original samsung galaxy note, etc and all these phones listed have less than 5 in screens but this being .2 inch's smaller than my n7 I think most ppl getting a phones (non iPhone anyway) will probably be not looking ahead of 6.3 in but there is a certain type of ppl who want these kind of phones so the good news is consumers have a choice and in that case we all win

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I for one use the large phones to take advantage of the data that's available for phones but not tablets.... I use a lot of data and want to use a tablet but can't because of US carrier data plans. So I use a tablet sized phone and have truly unlimited data without the tablet restrictions of a data cap.
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Wow. I like a big phone but that is nuts. If it won't go in your pocket and you can't use it one handed then... I'm out.

Wow. I like a big phone but that is nuts. If it won't go in your pocket and you can't use it one handed then... I'm out.

Disgustingly big. This is why I phones are gaining popularity, people don't need phones that are larger than 4.5. A large phone steers people away from tablets which everyone wants to at least try to have.

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