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We aren't saying that Google got the idea on this one from our picture contest to win the Verizon HTC Merge, but it is pretty similar, except for the fact that it's lacking the sweet prize we gave away.

Anywho, Google took to its +Android account on Google + asking the coolest place you have taken your Android. Think you have taken your Android to the coolest place? Does the coolest place even exist outside your mind? And know that they are talking about the little green guy here, not your phone or anything, so if you don't already have one they have provided one you can download and cut out to get you on your way. So, get to showing them off, will ya?

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Google wants to know where your Android has been


Hmmm where do I get me a green cut-out robot? I'll take it with me to an Apple store. I don't need the pissing one...j
Ust a regular one

A bit Off Topic, but one thing that bothers me about Google+ is the +Android and +Google accounts. When I went to create an account for an organization I'm in, I got page after page of warnings and policy concerning how Google accounts must be in the name of a person and cannot be in the name of a business, group, or organization.


/rant off.