Google Play edition HTC One

The first step of turning your HTC One into a Google Play edition is now ready

Hey there sports fans, if you're thinking of taking your existing HTC One and converting it into a bona fide Google Play edition HTC One, the work has already begun. The stock bootloader and stock recovery have been pulled off the device, and they're uploaded with all the instruction you need to get them flashed.

Doing this, along with using a complete system image (which I'm told is coming soon) on your HTC One will turn it into a Google Play edition device -- and get it on the track for OTA updates along with the new One's people are recieving today.

Of course you'll be giving up a lot by losing HTC Sense, but you have the choice if you're willing to take the chance and understand the risks. You'll find full instructions at the source link below. Happy flashing!

Source: XDA; via: Android Central forums


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Google Play edition HTC One bootloader and recovery now available


The GE of this phone is more crippled than the SGS4. So much lost with the camera. I dont think that I would do it....

I think it's great that they were able to accomplish this, and for those who absolutely need the no fuss of OTA's it's great. It's a great option for those who are so in love with the GE version that they are contemplating selling their device and purchasing a GE device. It will save them some coin.

For my self, I agree. I'd rather have the option of running sense or GE, especially with what's lost on the camera in GE. Even if this because available for my S4 whose camera isn't really effected (from a quality standpoint, not feature) I'd rather retain the option.

I know this might be a dumb question but my HTC One is on Sprint, will this work for me being on a CDMA network and all?

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Bad idea right now to attempt this on a CDMA network. You'll probably get a ROM ported from the stock image in the short term and when updates happen you'll have to wait a few hours or days for that ROM to be updated, etc.

Open source FTW...Flash the Google Edition ROM on my GS4, amazing battery life and performance.

I am interested in turning my one into a Google edition because it is written in this article that it'll update like the Google edition but I want to learn how to do this without any mistakes or risks so, can anyone teach me how to do this?

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So, awesome devs!! Thank you! I only have one question. Will I lose that IR blaster if I do this? Or is it fully supported?

Too bad there won't be a way to get a "Google Play" edition One S. Sense is senseless. Give me the pure "Google Play" any day. (Or not; for all I know, everything I hate about the One S is part of the latest Android, and everything I like is part of Sense.)

So please someone just tell me this:

1) This will turn my HTC One At&t device into a LEGIT Google Edition.
2) It's not a hacked version or anything and I WILL get updates as soon as GOOGLE released them

Please please please tell me what I read was true and I'll be the happiest little girl EVER.

Yes if you fully convert as graffixnyc outlined in their thread and you don't load a custom recovery (from my understanding) you would get OTA updates.

Now when you get the 4.3 and other OTA updates is ENTIRELY up to HTC, Google is not responsible for the updates.

We have read that Samsung has updates leaking left and right but we have not heard anything re: HTC GPe 4.3. So either HTC can keep their fly zipped up OR they are not ready and once again will be late to the party further risking what good will they have earned.

For the first time ever, I will pass. Losing all the camera options, IR, and a few other little HTC goodies is an absolute no go.

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Thanks for being honest..
I'm a rooted flasher of a Galaxy Note.. And have soft bricked it more times than I want to remember.. It takes BALLS to climb on this side of the fence.. void your warranty.. and.. give up all the functionality that make the HTC One & Galaxy S4 what they are.. Strip down Google sounds good on paper but trust me, it gets boring Real Fast.. Updates? how many updates a year does Google release for the Nexus 4...? Ya better be Damn Sure you Rookie Wanna Be's want to take this step.. No Warranty... And possibly Bricked $650.00 phone.. It's one thing to "Talk the Talk" but you damn sure better know how to Walk the Walk now.

Its not like your trying to decide whether or not to donate someone a kidney here....unlocking, rooting, and flashing custom roms IS NOT rocket science. Sure there is a little trial and error but just do your homework and READ about what you are trying to do. If you take your time and don't do anything will be fine.

And guess what....if you flash the Google edition rom and you think its not for you...then just flash back to a Sense 5 rom. Either way you will be getting updates much faster than any carrier will get them to you...and damn near as fast as google can spit them out.

Reading is your friend....


Plus if I do flash my DE to a GPe and decide I got "bored" with it as mentioned I can follow the path back to recovery and flash another RUU and get back to stock and do it all over again. But that will be around the time I sell my HTC One for the HTC One Max in a few months.