Yeah, we noticed. And seeing as how gmail is kind of the linchpin for any good Android experience, it's the sort of thing that we notice pretty quickly. But at least things are getting back to normal. You folks notice any issues today? [Google]


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Gmail been flakey today? It's not just you


I haven't noticed a problem with Gmail but my POP3 mail account that's pushed to email has been erratic lately. If I notice that I haven't received any email on my phone in a while I can generally fix it by resetting my phone--turning it off then back on. Anyone else?

Gmail app on my Droid has been showing one unread message all afternoon even though all messages are clear. Not a huge problem, but annoying enough to be irritating me. Hope it gets cleared up soon.

Yes. Check your web gmail account to make sure mails you may be pulling in via pop are up to date. Mine hadn't checked in over a day on some of them.