gmail update

Yesterday we saw the Gmail for Android application receive an update, only to be pulled shortly after from the market due to some stability issues. Lucky for us Google understands that we love the Gmail application, and updates are always warmly welcomed, when they work. Today they have released another update that should fix any prior stability issues that users were experiencing. Be sure to head to the market and update yours today to avoid any confusion, or the risk of any issues. [Android Market]

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d1c1ple says:

Great!! Requires 2.2 / 2.3 Thanks samsung!! Where is the froyo for my fascinate??????

Ooooooo thank goodness. I though I had an issue with my Fresh ROM.

waydavis says:

This OS fragmetation is darn shame. I wish the Google Gods could address this.

PhilTest says:

Phil is testing to see if this works.