A Manheim regional court in Germany today threw out two patent disputes between Samsung and Apple: the first regarding Apple's infrigement on Samsung's 3G/UMTS technology, the second regarding Samsung's use of slide-to-unlock gesutres on its devices. The ruling against Samsung is the third in a row in Germany, while the ruling against Apple is the first of two, the second scheduled for a March 16 hearing.

The court decision comes just a few weeks after a Munich court ruled that Motorola had indeed infringed upon Apple's slide-to-unlock patents, resulting in alterations being made to Motorola's unlock feature. 

Today's ruling is just a drop in the bucket, as there is upwards of at least 14 disputes between Samsung and Apple pending in Germany, with more waging around the world. Samsung has already promised to appeal today's decision, while Apple will likely do the same. 

The back-and-forth between Apple and other manufacturers is far from over, though it is refreshing to see a judge as fed up with it as everyone else is. With Apple, Samsung, Motorola and HTC all slated to release some heavy-hitting devices in the coming months, we'll be sure to keep you posted as the war rages on.

Source: FOSS Patents


Reader comments

German court says enough is enough, throws out two patent cases between Samsung and Apple


What is it with Germany that makes all the litigation seem to start there? I thought us Americans were the kinds of lawsuits.

Good. This bullshit only serves to take money from the end User and transfer it to the lawyers.

Cross-license everything and sell us devices with full feature sets, or go pound sand.

Screw cross licence, the video game industry now sucks because of multi platform games, Companies should keep patents exclusive to keep their products unique, the console wars may have ended, but the phone wars should continue indefinitely.

This makes no sense at all. First, the gaming console segment is entirely different and operates on a model that has little to do with smartphones. Second, it is only your subjective opinion that it sucks. Third, if companies keep unique features to themselves they have less incentive to innovate and differentiate.

I thought the German judges won't be ever tired of this publicity... seriously, this child's play should end now. Litigation hurts innovation. Obviously, Apple doesn't care about that but honestly it's costing everyone time and money that could have been spent somewhere useful.

Apple does not deserve the fans it has. Idiot apple fanboys. I used to respect apple, then they started hating on android. And still my respect for them lowers day after day. Never buying an apple product, that's for sure.