HTC Aria from AT&T

The HTC Aria from AT&T has finally received its dose of Froyo. After having to sit through the torture of seeing everyone else but them get Froyo, AT&T users can now grab the download right off of the HTC website and get updated to Android 2.2. One thing to note however is that if you are currently using a rooted HTC Aria, this update has the potential to break that forever. Hit the HTC source link for the download. [HTC] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Froyo for the AT&T HTC Aria now available


Phil's review model.

Chris Parsons wrote this article.

That pic is from when Phil reviewed the phone. lol

Just a heads up, it's pretty slow compared to 2.1 (Not terrible, but the default HTC launcher is slow). Although, Live Wallpapers are accessible now.

When the Ally got Froyo before us, we were peeved.
When the Vibrant got Froyo, we were excited... but annoyed we didn't get it first.
Then came the Captivate and Epic. Still no update for us. We began to twitch.
Now AT&T's FIRST Android phone gets an update before we do?!
-Fascinate Owners Who Are Tired of Bing, The Lack of Flash, And Other Miscellaneous Quirks.

I waited as long as I could, but I've moved on to 2.3 now. If only they'd released this two weeks ago. Too little, too late, AT&T.

Does anyone have a link or something to download 2.2 for the Aria? It's not on HTC's website anymore....please help....

- AP

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! If you enjoy having a rooted phone to free yourself from Att's ridiculous constraints don't update yet. I have no doubt that the cell phone freeing heros at XDA and unrevoked are working tirelessly to update their programs but right now Superoneclick and unrevoked 3.32 cannot root the aria updated with the legit FROYO! Luckily I had an extra aria to try this on (att sent me a replacement phone, so I'm messing with the bad one before I send it back, it just had a bad speaker and calls sounded like crap). Now the return phone is stuck with unrootable FROYO. That means no clockwork recovery mode to install different ROMS! Meanwhile I'm happy with my Captivate running Phoenix Rising 3.0 and my wife's Aria will have to stay happily rooted in 2.1 until rooting the legit Froyo is possible.

Using live wallpapers is cool, but using them on the Aria makes the whole phone lag. There may be a fix for this with coming ROMS after rooting is possible. The FROYO update also includes mobile hotspot and system based usb tethering, but who knows how ATT is going to ding you for this on your bill, so I'll stick with my rooted wifi tethering. I get a lot of help from forums like this so I just wanted to give back a little and let everyone know whats up.

I spent hours trying different things to root this Aria to no avail, but if someone knows something I don't please post some answers.

Ive had Cyan6 for so way am I going back to Stock...especially with Cyan7 just around the corner.

Has anyone else had problems syncing their rooted Aria with Outlook contacts and calendar? When I set it to sync using the most recent entry, I wind up with double everything. Only thing I've been able to make work is to sync using Repair mode, overwriting everything on the phone from the PC, but that eliminates the ability to add contacts or appointments on the phone, to be synced to the PC.