Galaxy Tab Honeycomb

Looks like the long wait for a Honeycomb update on the HTC Flyer is finally over, with the French version starting to get Android 3.0. Hopefully the rest of the world won't be too far behind. And hopefully this isn't the last update we'll see the Flyer -- which launched with Gingerbread -- receive. We'd love to see Ice Cream Sandwich on this kid.

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E_man says:

3.0? Hope that's a mistake. After this long, there is no excuse not to put 3.2. There are a few things it does a lot nicer than 3.0.

hoosiercub says:

Why not just wait for ICS? I mean really.. at this point 3.x anything is old and outdated

Jonneh says:

Yeah, this kid totally deserves an ICS treat sometime.

dukenewt says:

Wow, tough crowd. I will take any update at this point.

bganga says:

Some people can never be pleased.

dstrauss#IM says:

So true. Everyone forgets the troubles with getting HC to work on a 7" tablet, which invariably delayed the upgrade. It also looks like HC is a dead end to Google (since it is now the core of ICS). I too would like to see ICS come to this great tablet, but will be pleased to get HC (on my BB 16gb WiFi).

acostapre says:

Anybody having any regrets from buying this tablet? I bought it when it first came out but since I was going away for some time I took it back just in case i didn't like it. Now I will be coming back so I would be able to get it again since it's still the only tablet that gets my attention. Any input would be appreciated!

stirling says:

I bought mine when BestBuy dropped the price. IT does everything I'd want a tablet to do. I'm looking forward to the upgrade.

bluefyre#AC says:

Bought mine when Best Buy dropped the price as well. LOVE it.

I'm sticking with it until the ASUS Transformer Prime gets more affordable...or Asus makes a Transformer 7- or 8-inch tablet.

Looking forward to flashing the updated custom mod based on the official HC from XDA's globatron. I just rooted and flashed the HC leak 2 days ago. LOL.

jimtravis says:

I bought mine before the price drop, but am still very happy with it. Even without the added bonus of the digital pen, I consider the HTC Flyer to be the best tablet out there for my needs. I like the Sense enhancements, and the Flyer does everything I want in a tablet. The enhancements such as NAS availability in the Gallery, and word wrap on all webpages when zooming, are appreciated in my everyday use.

vzwty says:

Love my flyer. I had a rooted Nook color but sold it when the Flyer dropped to $299. Works great the way it is HC will only enhance the experience. Here's hoping for Ice Cream Sandwich.

SanGo says:

Am I the only one who feels that ICS isn't as big an upgrade for tablets as it is for phones? My Iconia is just fine with HC

bganga says:

I feel the same way that you do. I like what I see in the ICS Gmail client, but most everything else looks like cosmetic. I have wifi Xoom.