And be sure to show us your favorite highlight while you're there

HTC's new video highlights are pretty awesome. Highlights are those 30 second videos created from your pictures and Zoes, and are perfect for sharing on YouTube or your favorite social network. Currently, there are six themes you can choose from for your highlight, and they run the gamut from subtle black and white to popping fresh flashy cuts. They are all fun to try and play with.

But if you're like us, you find yourself choosing one more often that the others. For me, that would be "Islandia" -- the happy music gets me every time, even if the old Super 8 style scratchy overlay isn't my favorite. 

We hope HTC has more themes in the works, or an API third party developers can use to create their own. in the meantime, jump into the forums and let us know your favorites.

[POLL] What's your favorite Video Highlight theme?


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From the Forums: What's your favorite HTC One video highlight theme?


Depends on the videos/pictures, but I'm liking Eifel quite a bit. The black and white video with French-like music.

Avalon worked really well with photos/videos of my recent holiday to Thailand.

I like Islandia and Eifel the most. I've found that some of the other themes favor still shots or create them out of Zoes, which is annoying to me when I've taken the time to capture a lot of Zoes.

I love the feature and will continue to use it, but I have a few issues with it...

(1) Has anyone else found that the "Select Content" option is completely broken? I'll select the 13 items I want in the video, and it then spits out random items instead. (2) I don't like the way it sorts things into "Events" by day... especially when the Select Content option is broken. An option to ignore specific content would be great because I hate having that one silly/dumb photo ruin an otherwise awesome video. Right now my only solution is the completely delete it, which isn't acceptable. (3) Lastly, I've found that when viewing the videos in real-time, the audio/video timing is perfect. However, once you export it, the audio/video gets off by about half a second, resulting in late video transitions. It's very minor but annoying when the real-time preview is perfect.

Pretty Awesome. Really? Look I'm not knocking the phone and maybe it is just the photos you used for your video but after about 10 seconds of the first highlight I was over it. Having to watch the other 5 videos (just because I wanted to see the different effects)was a bad idea! The only way I could really see it as awesome is if you can pick the pictures you want, the music you want (off your phone)and the effects you want. Then that would be pretty cool. The way it is now I see a lot of bad 30 second videos in the near future for YouTube.