Perhaps the most anticipated arrival on AT&T this holiday season is the follow up to the HTC One X, one of the best Android smartphones on the carrier (and any carrier, for that matter). The HTC One X+ is a modest yet attractive step up, complete with a beefed-up processor, a bigger battery, the next iteration of HTC’s Sense, and the buttery-smooth Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. What we’re seeing tonight here in New York is identical to the international version our resident Brit Alex Dobie got his hands on just two days ago,  save for AT&T LTE radios and branding. 

I’ve got to echo Alex’s sentiments—the screen is absolutely phenomenal, even if it isn’t any improvement over the already stunning HTC One X. Performance does indeed seem a bit snappier and more fluid with the over-clocked processor and new iteration of Android, and the camera is as impressive as ever. And physically, just like the original One X, the One X+ is one of the most striking, svelte, attractive devices available today.

I see where HTC is coming from with this release—with LG’s Optimus G and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 on the horizon, it needs to stay relevant enough to compete. I do wonder why HTC didn’t opt for 2 GB of RAM as its competitors have recently adopted. Despite the choice, the One X + is a nice stopgap between the original and HTC’s follow up, which will more than likely arrive early next year.

Some hands-on shots can be found after the break.


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First look at the HTC One X+ for AT&T


Pretty much *all* of the newer phones coming out have a similar "bulge" for the camera. They're running out of room inside these things, and the camera is generally one of the "thickest" components, so they do this to keep the rest of the phone thin.

It's never been a problem for me, personally.

That's funny, my Nexus, Note and S3 combined have less of a "protrusion" then these HTC phones. All of which have fantastic cameras as well.
I'm also not a "case guy" other than my flip case on the Note.

I agree. Funny how they love to claim thinnest phone and beautiful design when most phones have cases bulking and covering it up.

I'm due for an upgrade. Now it's between this and the Note 2. However, the biggest deciding factor is which phone will be easier to root and flash a custom rom? Now HTC in the past has been a pain but if the One X+ comes with an already unlocked bootloader, than the One X+ it is.

I love HTC,but don't like the fact that this One X+ has no place for a SD card,I know the phone has 16gb & that should b plenty,but with the Beats installed (which I love) I'm gonna put a ton of music on it plus I still want to b able to put the apps I want on the phone.Basically what I'm asking is there enough memory on this phone or should I get the 16gb Samsung Galaxy 3 that has a SD slot & I can get up to 64gb with SD card.Plus I've read that the One X+ doesn't have moveablity to transfer apps & music to a SD card.So can I get a professional opinion or someone who has had both phones to tell me which is better.Remember I like that HTC One X+ has Beats,cause I love music,but Samsung Galaxy3 has the memory I want cause I own the HTC Aria for last 2 yrs & it has no memory on the phone luckily it has SD slot.Please help with my delomiea of choosing a phone that I will have for the next 2 yrs,Thank You.

The HTC One X+ has 64 GB of memory so it should be plenty (in most cases). The original One X is the one with the low 16 GB.