Our own Mark Guim sits down with HTC's Jeff Gordon to take a look at the Harman/Kardan edition of the HTC One M8, announced today as a Sprint exclusive.

It's the same M8 we've been using for a month or so no, only in a new color and with some special sauce from Harman/Kardan on board. It'll be available online on May 2, and in Sprint stores on May 9.


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First look at the Harman/Kardon HTC One M8


Gorgeous! I am a huge audiophile and would love to have this. I already have an M8 using T-Mobile... So unfortunately it won't work on T-Mobiles network if I were to purchase one of these.

I will still stop by the Sprint store and check it out. Bringing my best headphones!

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just root your phone. as soon as that phone is released i can guarantee that it will be ported. WITHOUT A DOUBT. There is no special hardware, its all software. Only thing you dont get is the ear buds, but lets get real, they are bundled free with a phone, i doubt they are THAT good ya know.

Only an audiophile would fall for this kinda marketing gimmick... I can appreciate good audio, I've got $15-300 headphones and IEM from V-Moda, Beyerdynamics, Etymotics, Fostex (mod), Philips, and MEElectronics... Heck, the fact that I've got more than two pairs of headphones probably makes me an audiophile to some, I've even bought a headphone amp (Schiit Magni) and I still run a dedicated sound card on my desktop (STX).

I clearly care about SQ, but I also know most of it comes down to speakers and headphones. Proper amplification matters some, as do source files (tho terrible mastering job on some albums does more harm than any amount of compression), but software based gimmicks are almost always glorified EQs. Gaming is the only place I've found software to make a difference, using Dolby Headphone or CMSS-3D to virtualize 5.1 output for headphones.

That being said, if you like the color scheme or want the free buds, go for it... H/K isn't exactly huge in the hi fi headphone world tho, and they're free buds, so I wouldn't expect much. A pair of Philips Fidelios on sale at Amazon or even the ubiquitous Kplisch S4 are probably a better bet.

Almost makes this VZW M8 toting person jealous, except Sprint connectivity in most areas I frequent is, shall we say, not stellar.

Looks like a $50 premium over the "regular" version if I'm doing the math correctly.

not to mention that its just a software layer. No new hardware. updates really shouldnt be much worse than regular (or even when they had beats)

Back when they had beats, updates were horrible. Not that beats caused it...

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Yeah definitely a cool phone but doesn't change the size issue for me still

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root your phone and wait for this to come out. it will be ported within a few days i would be willing to bet.

Well, I'm definitely interested in this Harman Kardon edition M8 and earbuds. I decided not to be an early adopter of the M8 hoping for a perk such as this. Last year, I got a free pair of Beats earbuds, which I love, with the M7 (in addition to the included HTC buds, which are decent), so I really like these sort of promotions.

On the other hand, I'm not sure about the black and champagne accents. The black rear looks nice, but the champagne front-facing speakers are giving off a glam panda vibe, which might take some getting used to.

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Or you could root your phone and install Viper4a. We're really only talking about a software equalizer here and some "ultra premium" ear buds.

It's nice to see editors from individual sites moving to become Mobile Nations editors. Feels cool to see people from other sites writing and producing videos for the sister sites.

Will this phone be sold in other outlets (i.e. BestBuy, RadioShack) - or just offered at Sprint stores and online? I am a Sprint customer, but plan on getting the M8 June 1 when my contract runs out. I do not mind being on contract, and plan on buying a subsidized phone anyway.. but Sprint doesn't sell them subsidized in the store anymore.

Damn exclusives! Look how it back fired for the iPhone and at&t......oh wait......

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that is probably the only exception to the exclusive game. can you name any other exclusive that actually worked out? i cant

I'm an audio nerd... All these software additions are gimmicks. How are you going to make a 320kbps mp3 sound better? "sounds like the original cd audio source files" LOL

Thats like taking a picture file (JPG), compressing it to shit so you lose all the quality and then magically making that file full resolution again at a later stage. Impossible, sorry.

Also it can play 24bit 192khz files. Well done. A single song in that quality is hundreds of mb. Good luck even getting a whole album in that format (unless you're the producer of said album) and then fitting it on your storage or SD card

The M8 looks great but this version is just pure hype. dont waste your time

Harman/Kardon, this will be interesting if it comes to the UK market, anyone who knows about Audio will know Harman/Kardon are JBL/AKG/Soundcraft/DigiTech/Crown etc which make professional sound hardware/Software, i work in the music industry and all my music is in 320kbps mp3 format and my M8 along with a 64gb Memory card works perfectly. Beats is childs play compared to H/K but is it something that a handheld device really needs??