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If you are a Firefox user on the computer odds are that you have already tried Firefox for Android, but if not there is no better time to do so then now. Featuring a freshly redesigned tablet interface, some additional features along with a faster start up time they are certainly aiming to bring the best possible experience to mobile. In addition they have opened up camera support so developers can now integrate camera functionality directly into websites, which is a pretty neat feature. So whether you currently use Firefox for Android or not, you will certainly want to hit the break and grab it from the download links!

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icebike says:

Thanks Google for your near 100% funding the Mozilla project, which brings us this fine browser.

aergern says:

Yeah and if you have a . in your UID for Google/Gmail ... it SO doesn't play nice with FF, SwiftkeyX and logging in. It FREAKS out. Uninstalled it ... I'll take Swiftkey over having FF any day. :(

joe23521 says:

Tabs on the shorter edge of the screen makes too much sense. I don't understand why it's not universal. On my PC, I always have the task bar on the right edge to save vertical space.

Flash Support?

dalvik says:

judging from the market comments -no

jaydee311 says:

Then they can release all the versions they want but I'll continue to not download it.

Qazme says:

Me either until they improve the speed. It take almost twice as long on my Nexus to pull up this page.

gonecks1 says:

For tablets will this open all sites in desktop mode or do you constantly have do the about debug method? I'm using the dolphin for pad app but really like ff on my desktop.

gonecks1 says:

to answer my own question, no, at least with the xoom. It opens the mobile version of the site. If I want to view the mobile site, I'll use my phone. Sticking with dolphin for now.