HTC One Power Saving Mode

If you've already picked up your HTC One in the United States — or plan on doing so in the next few days, you might notice that the EXTREME Power Saving mode is missing from your shiny new M8. Meanwhile, folks outside the U.S. already have it on their phones. There's a good reason for that. (Or a bad reason, depending on your point of view.) And we'll give you three guesses why.

Outside the U.S., the M8's on a newer software version — one that includes EXTREME Power Saving mode. (If you must know, it's software version 1.54.401.5.)

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But HTC's waiting on U.S. carriers to approve the power-sipping feature. Once it's ready, it'll be available via a software update.

In the meantime, here's what you're missing: EXTREME Power Saving mode basically shuts down everything but the essential functions on the HTC One, In fact, you get a whole new home screen, and five apps — and that's all you get. Those apps are Phone, Messages (HTC's texting app), Mail (again, HTC's email app), Calendar (of the HTC variety) and Calculator. No push notifications. (In fact, no notification pull-down at all.) Just the bare minimum. HTC says it'll get you 15 hours of use on 5 percent battery. We've played with it a bit, and it definitely saves on juice.

So, U.S. friends, sit back, relax, and know that you're once again waiting on the carriers to get new features onto your phone.


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Extreme Power Saving mode missing on your new HTC One? Here's why ...


Of course it's the carriers. I would have been surprised if it would have been any other reason.

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Or, one could say that HTC did not have the software done in time for approval to the US carriers. In order to meet launch date deadlines HTC shipped without the feature.

OR we can just blame the carriers, yeah that seems the easiest.

Playing by the US carriers rules has basically killed BlackBerry.

HTC isn't Apple. The carriers can dick them around all the want. It's pretty much just a "we control everything" power trip that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world.

Yes, its absolutely the carrier's fault that HTC couldn't get them the software in time for them to test it and have it available at release.

All that means is that to HTC it was more important to have it on the versions outside of the US. How is it the carriers' fault that HTC made that decision?

I don't think... all this means is that US service providers are still busy adding useless "value added" apps to the plain HTC version of the OS. It is carriers in the US who hold everything back. I know that Canadian providers spend months adding junk code and apps to the official OS before it get released in our market. Best example is KitKat OS.

Unless the current US version without the extreme power management has no carrier added apps, then that is an extremely foolish statement.

The problem with that statement is that it's based completely on the assumption that HTC distributed the update to non US carriers first, and there is no factual data to support that assumption. It's much more likely that the US carriers got the updated software at the same time as everyone else, but are doing "things" to it before they release it to sold devices.

There is a reason for this.
There are super - ultimate - power saving modes on all Android devices.
(This is how you get to them, Turn off SYNC, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, MOBILE DATA.)

This power mode was added as a "Protect costumers from themselves" feature. Its just a dumb down, polite way of saying this is how you get the most from any device.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!

Of course it's the carriers - if they didn't stick their nose into everything we'd get updates a lot faster. Apple proved it could be done (at least to some degree). The network operator shouldn't have to be so involved with the devices - does Comcast or Verizon certify your home network equipment?

Clearly you don't have any Verizon home network equipment. Your modem, and in many cases your router, HAVE TO be from them. (can't speak for Comcast, never had them)

Yup, carriers. But the holdup this time is rewriting the new 5 app home screen to be 5 carrier bloatware apps instead of HTC apps.

So once again if you live in the US you get screwed by the carriers and their fake efforts to protect us from bad firmware. Typical and another reason NOT to get this phone.

Why would carriers be interested in killing this "feature" though? It's not like power saver mode will reduce the monthly bill of the consumer. I don't get it.

If anything, it means that the customer will be *more* likely to use their phone. Odds are, this is just typical bureaucratic BS by the carriers. It really shows how bad of a shape the mobile networks are over here that the carriers are so paranoid that a glitch could bring the whole system down.

Nobody's killing anything. The software update that contained the setting just hasn't been approved yet. You'd be surprised how last-minute some things are.

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Yea, it makes sense if HTC added this feature last minute and carriers didn't have time to test it. But then how come international versions have it? All international carriers tested it and US carriers were made aware of it the last? That sounds unlikely.

That's right, cuz the United States it the most importantest country in the whoooooole galaxy, and everybody gives us everything first.

No as far as I am aware no other carrier in other than us and europe ( not sure about europe) test the firmware before letting the company to release it. Like in india company is free to launch any update they want and that update works for all the carrier without any issue atleast this is what happening with me with nokia , samsung and sony. For us its always like universal version no carrier apps no testing.

Our cellular infrastructure in America is so "fragile" the carriers are terrified that an update will "spam" the network with packets and cause major problems.

What is your point? HTC says 15 hours on 5% that would be hypothetical 30 hours at 10%.

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Two words I don't like in the same sentence, "carriers" and "approve"! The phone belong to the customer, not the carrier. Screw the carrier.

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Yes this is what happens in india, no testing, no carrier apps. We are totally free to do anything with the phone . I don't understand what carrier test when it's already tested by the phone manufacturer itself ? Don't they trust them. If the os comes buggy consumer won't buy their product again. Also they can't blame carrier for that. So phone manufacturer will definitely provide bug free OS.

F U carriers, F U... The one thing apple did right with the iPhone was to tell the carriers to piss off. And because of this carrier BS, I stick to Nexus/GPE devices. Missing some bells and whistles? Yes. But the carriers are left out.

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What if you want to use Hangouts as your default SMS app? Will it be available during extreme power saver?

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We dont need any stinkin power saving mode. This is 'Murica..!

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Does anyone think that htc added this mode last minute after the s5 showed it.. Hence why it's not ready for all.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I got the phone today instore from Three UK, and it doesn't appear to have the Extreme power saving mode either, so guess its not just the US

This explains a lot. I have been looking for it all day.

has anyone else felt like their battery is draining really quick? I don't think the auto-brightness is working yet on the M8.

When can we expect the update?

Tap brightness toggle all the way through settings back to auto. I done this and noticed the screen dim almost straight after.

Picked up my HTC One M8 today and I also don't have the ultra power save feature. I'm with Vodafone UK. And software version shows as hope Vodafone up date soon.

You won't get it until they figure out how to trace/ track/ record you in "powersaving mode"

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I'm in the UK on Vodafone. I do not have that software version and don't have ultra power saving mode. My software is Had it for 3 days now. Battery life isn't great, much the same as it was after the kit kat update on my HTC One. Google chrome keeps opening for no reason and wifi drops out. The only fix is a reboot. Maybe I got unlucky. Beautiful phone but with issues for me.

Uk customer here. Got my first m8 on the 26th from carphone warehouse who sold me an EE plan and the phone had extreme power saver. Found a better deal directly with EE And the new device doesn't have the feature. Same carrier, different software - strange.

I work for Vodafone UK - had a word with our HTC Rep today and the update for Extreme Power Saving Mode will be released very soon apparently. No exact date unfortunately. Send even UK carriers get fussy with this kind of thing.

I just got my developer edition and my device has no extreme power saver Mode.

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So instead of bitch in and complaining about it - head on over to XDA, educate yourself on rooting, unlock your bootloader, and update your software yourself! No carrier can tell your what software you can run on YOUR device.

HTC anounced this battery saving feature at its launch. I just purchased one from Verizon to find that it's not yet working on their system.
Samsung didn't announce it and it's already on their S5 !

Since this is an important need for me and since Verizon has a 14 day maximum refund policy, it just might be time to take it back and get a Droid Maxx or S5.