Cable in box - Evo 4G accessory review: HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G 

The HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G is the perfect complement to the Sprint Evo 4G when you want to share a video from your phone. The function couldn't be any more simple: you plug one end into the micro HDMI port (that's a type D) on your Evo, and the other end into your TV or HDMI-equipped monitor. Let's take a look after the break.

Cable in phone     Cable in TV

You will get a notification in the status bar that tells you there is an HDMI cable present. At this point, you can play movies stored on your phone, but only if you use the HTC gallery app. In addition to the videos on your phone, the YouTube app that comes with the Evo 4G also ties in with the HDMI port to allow you to share a YouTube video on the big screen. At six feet, the cable is plenty long enough to use with a device as portable as a cell phone.

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Despite the name, the HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G isn't just for the Evo 4G. It will also work with the Motorola Droid X. Out of the box, the HDMI-out works largely the same on the Droid X as it does with the Evo--with the exception of the YouTube app. Fortunately, there's an app to take care of that on the Droid X called Real HDMI that sends everything on your phone's screen through to the big screen.

That touches on my only complaint with the cable, and it's not even the fault of the cable. On my Evo, the only thing I can show off on the big screen is YouTube videos and videos I have saved on my phone. Obviously this isn't a problem with the cable, but I thought I should mention it anyway. You're not going to be using your Evo as a laptop replacement anytime soon.

The HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G is $29.95 at the Android Central Store.


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Evo 4G accessory review: HTC HDMI Cable for Evo 4G


Blech! I would think people would want to be able to use it to show off other apps on the HDMI- even games. Not just videos.

Thanks for this... I have the Evo.. so for example.. the NBA has an App for Mobile phones that is 45 bucks for the year, you get to see almost all the games you want... I wanted to get it, and use my HDMI port to port the games to a bigger screen, but I cant do that with the evo ? not even with a hack, or an app ??? wow if thats true, thanks for saving me 50 bucks.

I must say I'm disappointed at the limited uses for the HDMI cable. I used to love to put my IPhone on the dock and connect to the TV to play music through my Bose system and stream photos onto the big screen during parties.
They need to open the output of the phone to whatever we want. I see nothing that would stop them from allowing the LCD to be used as a full monitor!!!

Come on HTC get with the program and let the best phone available in the world off it's chain please!