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One of the things folks really (really) like about Android 4.0 is the way you can disable system applications from the settings menu. It doesn't delete them, but it does keep them quiet and out of the way while perusing the app drawer. Anything that gives more control to the user is a good thing, and we're just as glad to see it as you guys are. Adios, City ID!

But for some apps, it makes very little Sense (pun intended, tip your waitress, try the veal) to try to zap them away -- especially core components of the operating system. HTC Sense 4.0, at least the software versions floating around of the One X and One S review units, has a couple listings that make you just want to try it. There's an entry called "phone" and an entry called "dialer". There's also two separate contacts apps listed, one is a measly 8k and the other is a measly 28k. Don't disable any of these unless you're sure about what you're doing. If you disable one of the contacts apps, your dialer and phone app stop working. If you disable the other, the whole phone UI resets. If you disable either the phone or dialer apk, let's just say that the debugger goes hawg wild (as opposed to normal hog wild) and things get a little wonky.

We're sure there's a rhyme and reason to what's going on with duplicate apps, and we have our guesses. But until devices ship with final software to folks who can take the time to look at them and play a bit, we're going to go on record and say don't disable the core Sense apps. Android hackers will soon build a list of what's safe to disable or delete, and what isn't. For now, if you've lain your hands on one of these beauties, enjoy it as-is. We are!

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Disabling HTC apps on Sense 4.0 probably isn't a very good idea


People should never disable system apps. Its just a terrible idea. Now, crapware, like game demos and third-party apps is where this feature will shine. Being able to disable any non-system threatening apps (and rooted users already know a bit about which ones are generally ok to remove) will be a huge step forward from the old ways of having to root your device to get rid of unwanted software. If you want to remove specific system level apps, you are better off going with one of the minimalistic ROMs, as they are built on an entirely different system.

I am sure Sprint is going to shove that damn "Sprint Zone" crap on the Evo LTE. It will be the first app I "disable" (and along with any NASCAR or Sprint TV or Football junk). If Sprint disables our ability to disable them, I am going to be a very angry customer...

I think it is great, in a way, that HTC didn't prevent the "disable" function for ANYTHING. It means we have full control. Even if that does mean people are apt to disable something they shouldn't :)