HTC in Times Square

In my Sunday column I wrote about HTC hitting up the queue outside the Samsung Unpacked event at Radio City Music Hall, handing out swag and showing off the HTC One. Turns out HTC was a couple blocks away at 46th and Broadway, hitting up Samsung's outdoor Times Square extravaganza as well. And this time, it took video cameras. No surprise there. If a troll strikes in the woods and no one is around, it doesn't count.

So HTC this morning posted a well-produced video of folks on the street getting their hands on the HTC One and learning a little bit about the features. They're all unsurprisingly excited to see it. 

One thing they still didn't learn: When they'll be able to buy one.

Hit the break for the full video.

Source: HTC


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Of course HTC filmed itself outside Samsung's Times Square event


You are right! Slick up the presentation, integrate some cuts to the phone and end with the guy HTC is in the house! Better than some dopey talking heads! I actually enjoyed watching the video.

Another thing they should have learned: you can't get it on Verizon. I wonder if AT&T is getting more customers because Verizon keeps screwing their customers on phones. I like my Droid DNA, but want the One, not the DNA+ or DLX or whatever.

Um Verizon keeps screwing their customers on phones???? Um they offered the DNA it would be stupid for them to kill it off already.... They will get the One but for marketing purposes they're not gonna say it right now... They need to sell more DNA phones 1st...thats how they have managed to be the most lucrative us cell company... Being smart!!! They have great phones.. No one carrier gets every phone... I want the htc one to hit VZW too.. But i dont feel screwed i can remember last year wnen no one could keep up with Verizon's line up... Htc has to create a demand thats not on Verizon sorry Samsung had to prove itself too... Htc needs to market the damn phone make it a strong player to iphone and galaxy s.... I promise u Verizon wont wanna miss out on that dollar but until then... DNA campaign will continue..

This is good. HTC now needs to roll out the world-wide ad campaign, with this as part of it. Guess they're waiting until they have a set release date?!

Shame on you! They just got the phone and are testing it as a daily driver in the real world (which AC does with all major phones, making them a more credible source for reviewing and discussing them). I'm sure once Samsung sends them an S4 review model you'll start to see a lot more pictures of that phone.

Sadly, it takes money to run a huge ad campaign. And according to the last few quarters, HTC doesn't have much of that left. Maybe focus less efforts on useless garbage like this, and refocus their efforts on some real advertising.

It seems to me that March 14 was the best thing to happen to HTC.

Prior to Samsung's March 14th event, HTC, and their earlier event, had all but been forgotten. Sites like this one have given HTC more free advertising than they could have even imagined. I've heard more about HTC since March 14 than I have in nearly 2 years.

I own the Note 2, and use the s-pen daily. Therefore, without an s-pen, I have no intention of purchasing the GS4. However, I think the GS4 is an amazing device, and only time will tell whether all of this HTC love will amount to anything.

I cannot support this statement with any objective data, but my experience has shown that the vast majority of folks do not root or install custom roms. Most people walk into a carrier store to buy the phone they think is cool or is the most talked about. For now, that designation belongs to the iphone & the galaxy series.

The best thing that could happen for HTC is that this constant comparison with the GS4 continues. At least it keeps them in the news and on the front page of tech sites this one.

sad and pathetic. almost as bad as the Microsoft mock iPhone funeral or the Blackberry flash mob. sad and pathetic.

do you hear me Chou????????????????????????????

Cyanogen's got no plans to develop for the S4, so I'm not interested in Samsung at this point. Maybe the Motorola X phone will be something to pique my interest. As it stands, the lack of SD on the HTC and the lack of a major developer's support (as in CM, not saying that nobody will develop on the S4) makes two big strikes against the two nicest phones out there. I guess I might survive with a 64GB HTC One, but seeing as how I have a very nice phone, and 140 days until I can get an upgrade, I'm taking a wait-and-see stance right now. Who knows... maybe the X phone will be nice enough that I just outright buy it and forget about the contract stuff...

I'm going to assume you are talking about the international S4 with the Xynos processor and not the US version. Where did you find this out if you don't mind me asking?

Cyanogen himself has refuted this FUD.

The absence of last-gen Exynos devs will slow work on that variant, but S600 versions should be supported thoroughly and quickly.

I have no real horse in the race since I am more than likely sitting this round out, but isn't this sorta what a lot of you guys ROASTED samsung about.

Going to the launch (or fake one in samsung case) and showing off the features of you rival phone to the crowds in line?

It appears to me that HTC is learning how to market--from samsung. That still puts them behind.

Two observations. One, samsung is hated not for the product itself, but because it is huge. Kinda hipsterish isn't it?

Second, HTC needs to be more original if they want to survive. They have a great product, let it stand out by itself

Only desperate HTC would show up on their competition's front door trying to crash there announcement while trying to win the hearts of the people. THe people have spoken Htc with their wallets and proof of that is your terrible quarter sales profits. Get out of the bed with Apple and get rid of sense for a pure Android phone and then you can redeem yourself!! Like you did with the marvelous HTC Nexus One!!

How are they in bed with Apple again? Because they have patent and licensing agreements? Hmm... I guess everyone should get out of bed with Microsoft then, right?

well m a sammy fanboy.. n m not goin to hide it. Here is a simple n direct question to HTC.. when is ur phone goin to hit the market? i mean Xperia Z n HTC One kinda got displayed during the same time.. but we r yet to see HTC announcing a fixed date at which they will launch their product, in US, UK or anywhere else.. while xperia Z n Zl r mostly up in major countries n by the end of April n mid of May S4 will be available too. Plus every1 will agree wid me when i say HTC $ucks in upgrading their phones to the latest android updates. So its nice to make fun in a video n back it up on the ground. Waste time n money in marketing n ads n into service dept. rather than pulling chip stunts.

Was it filmed with an HTC One? I would like to have seen how well the pictures came out.

Great advert. HTC needs to stop being so quietly brilliant and going after that ugly misshapen abomination s4. Creative ads and viral marketing is the direction they need to go to have a chance against the billions that Samsung will throw around.

It's great that they're getting themselves known out there, but like PJMAN said, a couple of tv commercials and internet ads would help them even more!! I hope the HTC One sells like crazy :D

Perhaps HTC would have been better served by spending its energy shoring up its raggedy relationship with suppliers.
HTC, does it matter how pretty your device is if suppliers consider you second tier, a financial risk, thus don't want to supply you with expensive casings and camera parts?
Maybe HTC should have hung around the parking lots of suppliers and handed out $100 gift cards.

Stupidest ad I've seen all year. It told me almost nothing about the phone, except that knuckle-dragging homies like to compare it to Samsung's latest. Yo, ours be better, bro.