5 years ago

Wichita Gets T-Mobile 3G!



We've received reports that the lovely city of Wichita, Kansas has received the beautiful benefits of T-Mobile 3G. Though the T-Mobile 3G launch isn't quite official there yet, we're hearing that users can definitely enjoy the perks and speediness of 3G.

Tmonews is also reporting that Tacoma, Washington is also getting T-Mobile 3G, so any users in that area should now enjoy 3G as well. That knocks off two cities from T-mobile 3G's rollout plan. In the meantime, there are still big cities without T-Mobile 3G so all we can do in the mean time is sit tight and wait.

Keep ‘em rolling T-Mobile! 


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5 years ago

Android 2.0 Donut Doesn’t Have Multitouch, Not Officially Android 2.0



It was fun while it lasted. The interwebs were a tizzy over rumored Android 2.0 multitouch support but sadly it looks like it won’t be made available. How do we know this? Android Framework Engineer Romain Guy said as much in the official Android Developers Google Group. He dropped another bomb that clarified Donut as NOT being Android 2.0.

What does this all mean? Well, first of all, not having multitouch in Android will continue to weaken the user experience. Multitouch has become the benchmark for touchscreen browsing. The iPhone has it, the Pre has it, Android should definitely have it. Why it’s not there? We have no clue, but we’re hoping to hear more from Android developers in the near future.

The reveal that Android 2.0 isn’t Donut? Not too big of a deal. We’ve had the same reports pop up regarding Cupcake and Android 1.5. The dessert themed codenames are merely a developmental branch for future versions of Android. Thusly, Cupcake and Donut weren’t and aren’t official releases of Android but they’re what future versions of Android will draw from. So though Android 2.0 isn’t quite Donut, Android 2.0 will likely consist of improvements made in the Donut developmental branch.

It’s still fairly early in the Donut developmental process so expect to hear more about Android 2.0 Donut and what it is and isn’t, or what it has or doesn’t have in the future—Donut will change. We’re pretty sure anticipation for Donut will surpass the excitement for Cupcake. What do you guys think?

[googlegroups via gizmodo]

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5 years ago

Sprint CEO Says Sprint Will Get Android Phone in 2009


Is the renaissance of Sprint already in motion? We’ve already had the successful launch of the Palm Pre, will we follow that effort up with a Sprint Android launch?

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, infamous for saying Android wasn’t ready yet, is now changing his tune believing that Android 1.5 is finally ready for prime time. To show his newly found faith in Android, he confirmed that Sprint will launch at least one Android phone this year.

Which Android phone will launch on Sprint? Earlier reports had pegged Sprint to be the carrier for the HTC Hero and we definitely know that the HTC Hero with the Sense UI can withstand the bright lights of prime time.

So, Sprint HTC Hero anyone?


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5 years ago

Android 2.0 Donut Build Released: Multitouch, Universal Search, Better Performance



Android 2.0 Donut has been made available to developers and it’s an oh so lovely update—we can expect full multitouch, universal search, automatic backups, text-to-speech, a new camera application and even better performance. All these new features make Android all the more appetizing and certainly puts it on par with the newer features of iPhone 3.0 and the Palm webOS.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that Android 2.0 has added CDMA support, which means carriers such as Sprint and Verizon will be able to get in on the Android action. May we see a Sprint HTC Hero like earlier reports suggested? We know T-Mobile isn’t getting it.

Hopefully we can get a working build of Donut onto a T-Mobile G1, we might be even more excited for Donut than we were for Cupcake. What about you guys?


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5 years ago

Sony Ericsson 'Rachael' Android XPERIA Phone Specs Leaked by Expansys



If you've been keeping track of our 'Rachael' coverage, you should know that we're deeply, deeply in love with Sony Ericsson's rumored Android XPERIA Phone. We're in love with the design, we're in love with the wonderful UI, and now we get to fall in love with the specs. Expansys, the UK online electronics retailer, recently leaked the specifications on the much anticipated Sony Ericsson 'Rachael'. And it's oh so lovely.

A 4 inch 800 x 400 touchscreen, 3.5mm headphone jack, 8.1 megapixel camera with LED flash, image stabilization, smile shutter and face detection, and 10 Mbps HSDPA & 2 Mbps HSUPA. And though it's only currently listed on Expansys with European 3G bands, Sony Ericsson needs to deliver this to the US. It'll make a killing.

[via bgr]

Hit the jump to see the full specs of the Sony Ericsson 'Rachael' Android XPERIA Phone!

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5 years ago

New List of Cities Getting T-Mobile 3G


We love keeping track of T-Mobile's 3G Rollout for you guys because we sincerely believe that having 3G immensely enhances the user experience. And though we would much rather have T-Mobile roll it out in every big city already, that's just not feasible. So we'll tough it out together. T-Mobile 3G is going to come to everyone (eventually!).

According to the latest leaked report, citizens of New Orleans, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and St Louis, MO will be receiving T-Mobile 3G this quarter. Wow, we weren't aware that such big cities were still without T-Mobile 3G! Hopefully, it'll roll out soon enough because you all definitely deserve it.


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5 years ago

Google Wave Going Public in September, Kind Of



We're not really sure how we feel about Google Wave yet, but if it really shapes up to be how e-mail would be if it was invented today, count us in. Plus, we pretty much love anything Google puts out so Google Wave should really be no exception.

And after a big announcement for Google Wave at Google I/O, it's been relatively quiet on that front (with Chrome OS taking over the news). But fear no more, Google will (soft) launch Google Wave in September, offering 100,000 invites to whoever signs up here. It's already been rolled out to developers so when it launches in September, we'll actually have some semblance of what Wave is capable of.


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5 years ago

How To Install HTC Hero's Sense UI to T-Mobile G1



The most exciting aspect of the HTC Hero has to be the HTC Sense UI, it's jaw droppingly beautiful and offers a completely brand new experience for Android. We've been watching any video that featured the HTC Sense and have been hoping to see it on other Android devices in the future. And though we were disappointed when we heard that neither the G1 or myTouch 3G will be receiving the Sense UI, we didn't give up hope. We were pretty certain that the wonderful users over at xda developer forum would cook up something usable for us.

And boy they have! Head on over to see the detailed instructions on how to port the Sense UI onto your T-Mobile G1. It's rather intensive and obviously risky, but the joys of using Sense may be worth it. We're highly contemplating fixing this one up on our G1. Did anyone do this to their G1 yet? How do you like it?

[via gizmodo]

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5 years ago

T-Mobile myTouch 3G AppPack Leaks



What makes the T-Mobile myTouch 3G marginally unique, when compared to all the other Magics across the world at least, is T-Mobile's involvement in promoting applications that'll make your Android experience that much better (oh, and the personalization). Luckily, we now know which apps T-Mobile believes as must-downloads since their myTouch "AppPack" has been leaked and is even available for download (for the time being, at least).

The apps are: 

  • Sherpa 
  • World Tour (Previously Le’ Tour Eiffel) 
  • Visual Voicemail 
  • myAccount 
  • Hotspot Locator 
  • imeem 
  • Movies by Flixster 
  • Facebook 
  • Enhance Phone Book

It comes to no surprise that most of the applications recommended by T-Mobile in the "AppPack" are actual T-Mobile applications. We're expecting this to be made available when the myTouch 3G officially releases and crossing our fingers that it'll be offered to T-Mobile G1 users as well.

[via engadget]

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