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Anyone remember Crazy Taxi? The classic Dreamcast and arcade title was loved by many, and will continue to live on in mobile form. Our iOS loving friends have recently seen the title launch in the Apple App Store, but fear not, we haven't been forgotten. 

Over on their official blog, Sega has confirmed that Crazy Taxi will also be launching soon on Android. As ever, soon could be any number of days, weeks, or even months, but the important fact remains the same. Mad driving and collecting fares will soon be possible on our Android devices. And, that makes us happy. To whet your appetite a little more, be sure to check out the launch trailer -- albeit for the iOS version -- after the break. 

Source: Sega via Pocket Gamer

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paul-c says:

I remember this game was the reason I bought a Dreamcast. Looking forward to seeing it on Android.

deltatux says:

Looking forward to play this on my tablet. Now let's hope there's no stupid DRM like that other game from that other Japanese publisher...

Man I remember playing this on my gamecube when I was 10! My friends, sisters, and cousin all used to compete for the fastest time. I can't wait for an android based released! Hopefully it'll be a free-to-play game. :-)

matthileo says:

For the love of god let this mean that we can expect Sonic Adventure 2 at some point!

avlon says:

This is a great move from Sega if they get the ports working correctly. I'd love to see their massive library of games on Android at reasonable prices. Touchscreen ports or versions of Skies of Arcadia, Virtua Cop, and Nights would be awesome.

John-Smith says:

Awesome! I used to love playing this game, even bought it from the PS store. I'll definitely get it for my N7 too.

Lonestaroc says:

I will definitely buy but I'm more interested in Jet set radio's Android's release..dammit sega when?!

Man...I'm old!! This is considered a classic?!?!?! I remember when I bought this on 9/9/99 when I was 16...ugh

Glad to see it's coming to Android. I'll def be buying it.

buck101 says:

Any idea of a status on this? This article was written in October and still no Crazy Taxi for Android.