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Chrome beta for Android has received another sizable update, and a few long-standing nags have been addressed. A quick look at the change log says the white flash that appears when you load a new tab (that's murder on the eyes at night in bed) should be gone, favicons should sync across other devices using Clank (Chrome beta for Android's code name), and issues with the keyboard at the Gmail website where it won't dismiss have been corrected. 

Add in a security fix to make sure a dialog is displayed as soon as any downloads are called instead of actually accepted and a slew of the normal bug fixes, and this is one you'll want to install. Grab the update through Google Play or at the link above.

Source: Google


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Chrome beta updated, fixes keyboard at Gmail website and favicon sync


There are still a lot of phones out there, with eclair, to gingerbread, and to the life of me, cannot understand that there's no version for them. Alot of midrange phones were sold, and contrary to the tech world's belief, people will keep their smartphones, til they die, which could be 5, to 10 years. Trying to push tech, on people that don't want to buy the latest, or greatest, and don't worry about it, is wrong. Leaving people out, will eventually kill sales, there's more to worry about in life, than a smartphone. Heck my neighbor, still calls the pc, a monitor, and the computer, a module(we know better, but that's why were here), bought a s4, and can barely understand how to read emails from it( Yes, this person makes a lot of money, but some salesman, talked her into something, that's clearly too advanced for her).

Dude, while Chrome is very nice and I use it daily, Google can even get Chrome to run nice and smooth on a Galaxy Nexus (Dolphin is sooo much smoother BTW). You want them to make a version that will work with Gingerbread and 3+ year old hardware?? Google's knows better than do that to people ... Those old Android phones were laggy enough. Its called progress my friend.

Yeah, it's weird. They just added it a version or two ago, and now it's gone. It was way more convenient than having to go to the tab-switching view to open a new tab. They should bring it back.