There's just something about those simple, one-touch games that I find utterly addictive. Maybe it's the no-nonsense gameplay. Maybe it's the quick pace. Maybe it's the single objective you've got to focus your mind on, like a high intensity laser, but games like this just draw me in.

Canabalt HD is no exception, and for good reason. With a kickin' soundtrack, easy-to-learn (but hard to master) gameplay, and visual effects that are simple yet endearing, this game is the whole package.

The premise is pretty plain: the city is in ruins, everything is falling down, bombs are periodically raining from the sky, and you've got to high tail it out of there as quickly as you can if you want to survive. What's stopping you? Ill-timed jumps (to break through windows) and boxes that are haphazardly strewn about. (Seriously, who left all these boxes here?)

So you tap the screen to jump, and that's about it. Unlike other games of this sort, running into something (like those darn boxes) doesn't automatically mean game over. It does​ mean you're slowed down a bit, and in a situation where every second counts, you'll want to avoid those boxes just like you would in any other game.

The folks who brought this iOS hit over to Android (Kittehface Software), added some neat visual tweaks, like being able to change the background from the original 2D to their updated 3D, and while that doesn't really make or break the gameplay experience, it's still cool to have the option.

If you find yourself becoming a Canabalt HD master, there's also online leaderboards that track who has run the farthest in a single session, so there's totally the chance to gain notoriety and fame by becoming the best Canabalt HD player in the world. (No, really.)

Overall, Canabalt HD is awesome. It gets the adrenaline pumping, the finger twitching, and burns all sorts of free time (and probably time you're supposed to spend on other stuff), so check it out.

Canabalt HD is $2.99 in the Google Play Store. We've got download links after the break.


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Canabalt HD [Android Game Review]


I felt just the opposite...this is an extremely limited game that I regret buying. $3 will get you a full-fledged RPG or action game in the market, so I don't see spending that on something less involved than Pong. I'd recommend anyone considering it to try before your refund period is up.

I'd have to agree. I got it with the humble bundle and at first it was really neat... then I "ran" more than 300 meters and said, 'Huh, it just does this over and over then?'


I don't think so - just within the same runner genre, Wind-Up Knight, for example, has 50 separate levels with different designs, different powers for your character, and so on. It's priced comparably (and if I'm not mistaken you can finish the entire game for free if you're good at it) and, to me at least, offers hugely more value than Canabalt, which is basically exactly the same every time you play.

Not really. After about 500 meters everything just starts repeating itself (with a few very small differences.) Yeah the jumping interval is randomized, but it is all the same thing.

As mentioned, with something like Windup Knight, you get dedicated levels that have real changes to keep you on your toes and give you something new to experience.


Test it out online before you throw down your $2.99:

You can also download it at

That's how I became addicted to it before it was ported to Android.

And since it doesn't matter how fast you go (only how far you go), I use the boxes to slow the game down a bit when it gets too fast.

Downloaded this game this morning, pretty happy to see a review up for it :D awesome game had it on my iPad (yeah yeah I know...) and it looks way better on my Galaxy!