Body Glove Snap-On case for the HTC Thunderbolt

If you need a sturdy hard-shell case for your HTC Thunderbolt, the Body Glove Snap-On Case might be just the ticket.  It's a two-piece case, with a rubberized outer shell over a hard plastic protective case, that wraps around all four corners.  You have the option of using the included belt clip, or switching out the removable knob for the flush insert for pocketability.  The belt clip also doubles as a sturdy, adjustable vertical kickstand.

The case itself goes on easily, and once it is on you'll need a flat screwdriver or a coin to remove the interlocking pieces.  Just place either in the slot on the lower right, and twist.  This one's not coming apart on its own.  Make no mistake -- this case adds in a bit of bulk, but it's providing a lot of protection, too.  The case lip keeps the screen off the surface if it's laying face down, and is plenty thick enough to protect the camera lens cover when placed on its back.  The cut-outs for the ports and controls are well placed, and they are all easy to use while the case is on, and ample space is provided for all the noise cancelling microphones.  Of course, the kickstand is cut-out, too.

If you're looking for a sturdy case that gives the maximum protection from bumps and dings, and want or need a non-slip texture, you can grab the Body Glove Snap-On Case for the Thunderbolt for $27.95 from the Android Central store.  Hit the break for more pics.

front  back


kickstand  unassembled


belt clip  back plates


flush backplate  Knob backplate


camera  top


USB  bottom


Volume switch



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Body Glove Snap-On Case for the HTC Thunderbolt review


Don't buy it guys! The rep forced it on me when i bought the TB. I put it on once and take it off and it was fine. Next time I put it on, it LOCKS MY TB IN! This case requires you to insert a coin into a plastic slot and twist it to unlock it. I ended up totally stripping out the slot for the coin trying to unlock it the way the instructions say to and the way I did the first time, but my TB was locked in. I had to use a screw driver to unlock it and I slightly damaged my TB. Verizon returned the case and exchanged my TB (I had other problems with it too). Not trying to hurt your sales, AndroidCentral, but this is one terrible product!

I've got this case for my Galaxy S Showcase (The Cellular South version of the Fascinate), and it's great. Very non-slip, the cutouts are just right, and very solid and sturdy when connected. It's not a case you can take off and put on fifteen times a day or anything, but if you don't mind leaving the case on all the time, it's perfect. And, while it can feel flimsy when it's apart (especially the thin front frame), trust me, when attached to the phone it's plenty sturdy. Only real drawback is that for all that protection, you add an awful lot of bulk, and weight. As for looks; it's black rubberized, with a nice texture. You're not getting rhinestones or skulls or unicorns or whatever, but it's definitely not a bad aesthetic.

(Wow, I've almost written as much as the original review. :P I'll shut up now.)

I bought this case when I got my TB and ended up going back the next day and returning it. I didn't like the bulkiness the case added and I decided to go with the seidio case instead. Much slimmer and still gives the phone the right amount of protection.

Unrelated to this phone or android but I had a body glove case on my blackberry curve for over 2 years. It never came apart, was actually alittle difficult to get the dang thing off. It also had a clear plastic piece that covered the screen. When I sold the phone it did not have a scratch on it. It does have a "rubby" texture, which is great for sitting on the car dash or whatever, won't slip at all. The downside is, trying to get it into your pocket can be challenging.

It appears to be higher quality than the one they made for the EVO. Just be sure to really check the corners on this case because I went through 3 of them on my EVO before they released the Otterbox case.

The corners fracture very easy and the case would not snap together.. each one lasted at most a month.

The idea of adding this much more bulk to my TBolt is off-putting. With the rugid design, I don't think a case of this caliber is really necessary.