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Best Buy just announced that the Wifi-only version of the HTC Flyer Android tablet will be available May 22. It's been available for preorder for $499. But starting Sunday, you'll finally get it in your hot little hands. It'll be available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores, as well as at Best

As for the Flyer itself? It's the same as what we've seen several times before, with the new version of HTC Sense -- and without cellular data. And we're OK with that. Check out our hands-on with the Wifi-only version above.

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Yeah that's nice and all, but isn't the world ending on Saturday??

Lol ohh yeaahhhh....

briankurtz79 says:

No that's the rapture. Don't worry you wont be going.

I'll pass.

Any indications about when the 32Gb with 3G will be available? I've read that it will be coming through T-Mobile.

Who? says:

Stylus is $80 on top, right? Pass!

F0l3ert says:

i dont know whats wrong with people like you. it's already been confirmed its included...

yapkuen says:

Unless I missed a Flyer news update (not likely), it has NOT been confirmed in the U.S. and in fact the last word from HTC was that it's included everywhere EXCEPT from Best Buy.

strikethree says:

First of all, even if he was wrong then it was an honest mistake.

Second, Best Buy doesn't include the pen according to Engadget:

If he was wrong then just say you disagree and provide a source proving your case. Being right once in a while doesn't make you better than anyone else. (especially since you weren't right to begin with)

moises1204 says:

too expensive for me.