We've been hearing so many rumors and reports pointing the HTC Hero in Sprint's direction that it's pretty much become the absolute truth. At this point, to hear anything other than Sprint getting the Hero would be almost shocking. With an expected October release date, it looks like the HTC Hero will begin to take pre-orders at Best Buy a month earlier: September 13th.

$50 down will reserve you a spot for one of the more anticipated Android phones of the year. If this report is true, way to strike while the iron's hot Sprint! (kind of)

Who's going to pre-order the HTC Hero?



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Best Buy Starting Pre-Orders of Sprint HTC Hero September 13th ?


Count me in to!!! I've been waiting for this for a while! I currently have a Storm and am going crazy with it (enough to pay the ETF for VZW). Hopefully this is true!

I've had the Hero for a month now... it's a fantastic phone. Apps are flowing in now... Just need a few more upmarket apps.

The HTC Sense UI is a dream to use... It lags a little but HTC are bringing out an update to sort that out so all is good.

Don't be restricted by the Iphone and get a Hero, I promise you it's worth it!

I looking to get the HTC Hero too and wanted to know what the EDGE data speed is like? Is it OK or is it pretty slow on At&t or T-mobile.

What network are you running on?

I am setting a reminder on my calendar to get this phone. I will be at Best Buy, right after church!