We're waiting patiently (mostly because we have no choice) for AT&T to sell us the HTC One X, and now we can drool over and talk to a fellow who's testing one for AT&T in the Android Central forums. Phonegeek (perfect name) has a One X in his hands and has let us in on a little bit of info, and is getting us even more excited for a release.

The AT&T version uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, and has 16GB internal storage. This is different from the international version, but is necessary to include the LTE radio. The S4 is no slouch though. Look in the thread and you'll see it rules the benchmark arena, handily beating out the Galaxy Nexus (and everything else) in both Quadrant and Browser benchmarking tool Vellamo. Benchmarks aside, the new generation of processor from Qualcomm means that this phone will perform like no other. One day, everyone will make chips and radios that work on all networks, but in the meantime HTC (like Samsung) has made sure that as far as performance goes, there is no difference between versions.

It looks as good as it operates, which is just as important. The speaker grill is slightly different, but otherwise it's the same One X we saw in Spain at MWC, and that's a good thing. Phonegeek also compares it to the HTC Inspire 4G, and it checks in a full 1.5 ounces lighter at about the same thickness. We're digging that, as sometimes too thin is just too thin. Also, be sure to check out a great picture taken with the new HTC camera setup and ImageSense software, which looks as good as we expected it to be. It's clear, in 2012 HTC is once again a force to be reckoned with. We wouldn't want it any other way.

Latest word is mid-May for release, and we can't wait. Hit the link below and have a look!

Source: Android Central forums


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AT&T's HTC One X test units in the wild, AC forums member weighs in


I would rather have 32GB of storage and HSPA+, than 16GB + LTE especially since a lot of people are on low data tier plans. I don't care about the whole S4 vs Tegra 3.

So let me see 16gb of storage. No SD card to store movies n music no unlimited data not acceptable. For a phone of this caliber.

You can, but that storage goes by fast. The device will probably have like 12 for user access. On my Captivate I have already used 11.4 gigs. Although if i took off some files and zip folders i no longer use it would probably be less, but still. I don't even have a movie on it.

not impressed with this or HTC anymore. 16GB of storage???? and then you want to load me up with Sense and bloatware too??????? no thanks. why do they insist on scrimping on storage??? should have been at least 32GB minimum for a flagship device. no sale. i'll get the G-Nex.

do you hear me Chou????????????

I've pre ordered my 32gb, quad core version in the UK for free on a £31 pm contract with a free media link HD as well, should be with me on the 11th of April and I can't wait to be honest. Looking forward to replacing my Desire at last.
With movie and music streaming on my phone and Tablet I've never really used more than 16GB storage even with huge amounts of Apps installed, so 32gb with 25gb dropbox is more than enough for me.

Great looking phone..and imo 16gig of storage is more than alright. I have a 8gig sd card in my BB and I have over 6gig of free space. Average users that arnt "app-heads"will be able to survive with that kind of storage

It's not just app-heads that are affected. I like to use my phone as my main music player for home and the car, ie. an iPod replacement. That's not really possible with 16GB of storage, when only around 11GB is user-accessible and you need a couple of GBs for apps. That leaves you 9GB. Forget about movies then too. If you like to shoot video, forget about that too. And yes, if you're a gamer, that's a few GBs needed as well. Streaming is not practical for me on my plan. I think you can still be an average user and need more than 16GB if you like to take advantage of everything phones like these have to offer.

According to this page
The system locks up 6 gig, so your guess was pretty close.

The 16gig version would have 10 gig free for apps, pictures, music, and other media.

A google music account can offset a lot of memory useage because of the way it caches whatever finds its way to your favorites list at any given point in time. You effectively have to stream it once to play it a many times.

If you're gonna be shooting video you should be offloading it onto your PC or even uploading it to the net. It's not that hard to solve these problems. Bottom line if you're recording video on it you're gonna want to free up the space anyways. And the same goes for multimedia. You want to have a certain movie on your phone while you're out? Free up the space if you need to. It's not that hard.

Anyone that thinks 16GB is enough for this phone is crazy. Why they would strip it down from 32 GB is probably due to AT&T wanting the phone to be cheap. I honestly believe this phone is the most overated piece of crap in the last year. Have two upgrades now won't be wasting them on this thing. So sick of AT&T having OEMS strip features out of their international version before AT&T will sell it.

Ok seriously, it's said in the article the memory is 16gb because the LTE radio wouldn't fit with 32GB. Other than that what's stripped? OH NO!!! ITS NOT QUAD CORE!!!!! S4>T3. What other phone has been stripped? The G-Note? I still don't see a huge performance difference. The Skyrocket? It's the Galaxy S II Lte, which had a snapdragon processor internationnally

I'm with everyone else here. The 16GB of storage isn't really that much of an issue. Plenty of storage. With cloud based options, one doesn't have to have everything physically on the phone. This phone looks awesome!

What about those with limited data plans? Cloud based services are not for everyone. So having options like a 32gb phone would be good, at least with a sd card option.

The Battery, tell us about the battery life.
We already know about the storage.

Tell us about typical runtime!

Exactly. As irritating as only 16GB of storage with no SD card is, the non-swappable battery is going to be the biggest concern for most people...

I don't know about "most" people. It may matter to people on this blog, but not for the general population. I'm not sure if the non-removable battery and no SD card support actually matters or people are indignant that it's not there. "I wasn't going to use it, but now that it's not there, I feel betrayed"...

16GB is weak. I'm not one to stream as usually quality is not as good as your native files you have on your device.

I run a 16GB internal with 32GB SD card on my Galaxy S2 and while it's "enough space" I still wouldn't mind having more. I store a good 15GB of FLAC/MP3 and another 10GB or so of 720p video to watch on the go.

Can't u just import the European version like u can with the nexus? That would the way to go. And for cloud service store a 1gb movie and see how long it takes to dl. Oh and then hope u have room to store it. Because cloud watching

No sale. I'd have to figure out what to throw away from the 32G card in my two year old Nexus One. That, and how to equal the battery life of my three stock batteries.

I'll stick with one quarter the number of cores, if you're going to force me to live with half the storage and a third of the battery life. HTC, i know you can build good phones. I'm holding one right now.

mr froyo is a dumb@ss he thought 2.3 was froyo. dont listen to that guy. i forgot which post but he said 2.3 was froyo what an idiot. just a PSA from me

You call me a dumbass, but you use a "@" as the letter a? really? Also, that's one comment I made, which is an easy mistake considering 2 and 3 are right next to each other on my keyboard and I don't check spelling. Also, i can't seem to find that comment + article.

You got my problem not only do I have alot of apps I have about 3 gigs of purchased music on Google play and maybe 4 gigs @f music on my SD card plus a back up rom on an 8 gig memory card hmm I wonder how fast I would fill up a 16 gig and I plan to slowly add more as I am a music junkie I honestly am drooling over this phone but the striated kills it I need expanding le storage via sd

Hopefully Sprint will make this even better somehow with the rumored HTC Evo One or whatever they are going to call it. Just wait til that announcement coming in a few weeks. Then switch to Sprint and enjoy the unlimited data. Come on over, the water is fine.

OK this will cost us but how about 500gb streamed from your own portable HD vie wifi. GoFlex Satellite™ Mobile Wireless Storage

Take your media library with you. Stream it to your iPad® or Android® tablet. Take more than 300 HD movies on-the-go 1 Stream media over Wi-Fi to 3 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time Automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac® computer Up to 5 hours battery life

Honestly, spec-wise the phone is awesome. Only dealbreaker for me is lack of SD card. I like bring able to drop my old SD in and have all pics, vids, and music ready. But I can't knock anyone for getting this phone. Processor makes my G-note a little jealous lol but I'm very happy with my current device.