The wait is over. As of today, you can purchase the HTC One X directly from AT&T for $199 with a two-year contract. If you're on the fence, be sure to read our complete AT&T One X review, and we've got some incredible discussions going on in our HTC One X forums as well. Is this one the phone for you?


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AT&T's HTC One X available today!


I pre-ordered it on Wednesday, and It won't be delivered until tomorrow (Monday). That sucks. I should have just not pre-orderd and just went to the store today. It has been sitting in Austin, 25 miles away for several days according to FEDEX tracking. I thought I would get it before the actual release date like others have by pre-ordering. I won't make that mistake again.

Because I paid full price on the phone since I'm still on contract with my iPhone 4s. About $590 i believe. I don't have another $590 laying around to get another One X today. I'll just wait one more day. :)

Thanks for the info. I was considering that option but I decided that the LTE and the ATT one year warranty was more important to me than the unlocked version. Thanks again.

Wait, you paid full price on the AT&T version?

Why would you do that? You can get the international version if you are willing to pay full price, and have the big memory and no lockdown, and no tethering bill.

Like I said previously, the international version does not have LTE. The AT&T version does. I want LTE more than I want the extra memory. Both would be best, though. And I don't really care about rooting and all that jazz. The stock One X is fine for me.

im about to go pick mine up from the AT&T store and kindly inform the AT&T folks that since they have given me 14 days to return the phone, ill give them 14 days to unlock the bootloader. otherwise ill return the phone for my refund and take my "premier membership" to another carrier.

I was feeling the same way you were yesterday, however, after using the phone all day yesterday, installing Apex Launcher Pro and not having to deal with the abomination that is Sense 4.0(don't really know what people are talking about, that skin is very heavy, especially the app drawer and the way widgets are handled)the screen is too amazing and the phone is just to fast for me to give up. Let's not amen discuss the fantastic battery life.

Hahaha "Abomination that is Sense 4.0" best line of the day. I actually think the new touch wiz ux looks a bit better. . . much better than Sense. And much more integrated.

I'm sure you replaced the keyboard as well. I had swiftkey before I even left the store. Stock keyboard was rough.

Edit: I have been really impressed with the battery life so far, but it is only day 1.

I want this phone but it isn't going to happen. Stuck with my Samsung :( hope everyone getting this awesome phone enjoys it!

It's a great phone moving from a blackberry I know I know =D Got it on Friday due to the pre-order 1st time felt kinda cool =)

I wanted to buy this phone, but then I recently found out that it comes with only 16GB of internal storage instead of 32GB of internal storage. :(

I`d wait one more year, all the phone I have seen so far it has almost the same processor and not much different. I do have the Samsung galaxy S2 Epic touch and still rocking. With it 480x800 PIX. screen it`s looks great. I`ll pass this year.
I`m not using my upgrade for the phone.

And if you play the "wait till next year" game you need a never-ending supply of patience.

At some point you grab the best available that you can afford and be happy with it, knowing full well that in 8 months it will be behind state of the art.

Huge jump in processor this year. 28 nm technology with LTE integrated on chip makes for phenomenal battery life in comparison to older LTE phones. Also 1280x720 displays that are gorgeous. Pixel density isn't going to get much higher (some manufacturer will do 1080p just to say they did it).

If this phone had an SD or 32GB i'd be all over it. My GNEX with 32 currently has 9GBs of APPS ALONE... I wouldn't be able to survive.... I'm way to used to this new lifestyle of having a lot of storage.

All my music is on cloud with my Gnex so the largest portion of my storage is roms kernels radios and various nandroids. I wouldn't have those things if I were stuck with a locked down phone so I could get by with 16GB quite nicely.

I'd love to see this phone offered through the Play Store, with the bootloader unlocked. Any hope of that happening?

Well im not payingvaround 500 for an early up grade im sorry thats my whole pay check ;( mand my at&t store is open mon-satersay any way hahahaha

Went to pick mine up from the Best Buy I reserved it with. After a 30 minute wait to get help they told me that they didn't get theirs in until tomorrow. Asked if I had gotten the email to tell me it was in. I was pissed. Luckily the Best Buy Mobile in the mall had one and took care of me. I really didn't want to purchase through AT&T as I wanted the buy back and black tie protection. Assurance as a mobile phone insurance service just sucks. I prefer to pay a bit more to Best Buy and have more coverage, no deductible and better service. Also I am upgrade eligible in November. I can take the One X back, get at least 400 out of it, get a new phone and have money left over!!! I know people have problems with Best Buy but they have always treated me right. I have never had an issue with service or help (other than today)

I'm planning to pre-order the HTC EVO 4G LTE tomorrow, so I went to the AT&T store today to get a glimpse of the screen and camera of my future phone.

When I walked into the AT&T store, I saw the One X and got a little confused. I thought I was looking at a dummy phone but it was actually the real phone! The clock widget and icons look like they're on top of the screen. :)

After playing with the One X for a few minutes, I can't wait to get the EVO 4G LTE in my hands!!

Got 30 days to try this baby out. Should be getting my SGS3 on May 31. Going to do side by side comparisons and make a final decision.

...well, I have mine, and I'm not as excited as I was when I got my Skyrocket.

And, of course this WIFI issue is rather getting on my nerves. Seems I'm not the only one having it either.