HTC Status on AT&T

What do you get when you take an HTC ChaCha, slap on an AT&T logo and take a picture? (That's a trick question.) What you see above is a leaked shot of what's rumored to be called the AT&T Status (that's the ChaCha's name on Telus, so it's looking more likely now). And it appears, for all intents and purposes, to be relatively unchanged from the HTC ChaCha we've been eying since Mobile World Congress some four and a half months ago.

Still no word on when the so-called "Faceboook phone" will be announced, or how much it'll cost.

Source: BGR


Reader comments

AT&T Status in the wild ... looks like an HTC ChaCha in the wild


I don't like the looks of that keyboard at all.

It looks like a fancy calculator is what it looks like.

As someone else said in the Telus Status article, HTC does make quality QWERTY devices.Wish AT&T's version was black like the Telus model but white/silver might look better in person.Not every new Android device has to be a "Superphone". I'm keeping an open mind on the lil' ChaCha.LOL

This just makes me wonder what kind of deep Google+ integration there's going to be when we see the next Nexus phone roll out.