AT&T's version of the HTC One X looks to be getting an over-the-air update to Android 4.0.4 for a select few users today, and if the rumors are true, some hackers will want to skip this one. There's no official change log posted from HTC or AT&T just yet, but some are saying that a big part of this one is security fixes that block known root exploits. In addition, there is now a setting to remove the menu button "bar" for apps that haven't been brought up to current Android standards. Users can now long-press the multitasking button for a pop-up menu. We're pretty sure the rest of the One series from HTC will be seeing a similar update soon. We've gone into the whole menu button thing in-depth, have a look here to read it.

What we do know is that it's build number 2.20, and a version bump to Android 4.0.4 -- something any Android fan would want, right? Not so fast -- security enhancements, a standard bullet-point in most every OTA, often fix exploits that are used to get root access. Since HTC and AT&T don't offer bootloader unlocking on this particular One X, that's the only way to get some root on.

If you're not worried about root, be happy that you're getting an OTA that probably fixes something and makes something better. If you are worried about root, or rooted now, hold off and wait for word from the hackers who focus on the AT&T One X for further instruction. In either case, the AT&T One X forums are the best place to find more info.

Source: Android Central forums

AT&T One X

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crxssi says:

Of course, we are all wondering if HTC addresses ANYTHING about the "broken" multitasking/task/memory management in this release....

Mikey47 says:

We already know they aren't broken. Apparently it's those of us that use the phones that are broken.

oldescript says:

Yep...just downloaded & installed...wonder whats in the change log!

towerdave says:

Wifi issues as well. I was told by a tech at AT&T last Saturday that an update would be going out to fix the Wifi issues. Wonder if this is it?


dante501 says:

Wifi issue can't be fixed via update it is an Hardware issue. Like it is stated almost everywhere. Same with my one x. But if u push it on the right spot u will have great Wifi. Problem is that the Wifi Platine is on the housing in the inside and the connector part is on the motherboard part and because of that is that the housing and screen part have to be like exactly tight together and if they r just having a little air in the back the Wifi is screwed up. If u push ur screen and back part below the camera with ur whole finger across from right to left between the camera and htc logo ur Wifi will pick up. U have to squeeze the screen too. Sucks I tell ya.

towerdave says:

Apparently my wifi issue is different, as since the update last night, I had no issues at all, with identical usage. Also, last Saturday, an AT&T tech had me power down and remove the SIM, and then replace SIM and power up, and I was fine until Monday when I accessed Mobile Data, and then my Wifi started acting up again.

So today will be the test of the update as I'll use Mobile data today, and then see how Wifi works at home tonight.

Squeezing my phone, etc, doesn't have any effect on my issue. If I have Wifi Analyzer open, the signal strength is solid throughout, but the connection cycles off and on repeatedly. Again, this was before I got the update yesterday. We'll see how it does tonight when I get home.


dmcincubus says:

the email issues are fixed too if you use hotmail for your primary mail on your phone.

gkeihl says:

not showing up here... first HTC Phone, my samsungs had a 24 clock between update checks, this just says checking for updates, then goes back to previous screen... am i missing something?

crxssi says:

Yes, perhaps you are missing the part of the article that says "going out to a few, select users"...

Go to Settings > Date and Time. Uncheck the use network time option and change the time ahead a day or then try again. .

lorddrgn says:

Same thing happened to me, have it plugged in and on wifi and it will go

jarobusa says:

I assume the HTC EVO LTE version will come out soon?

crxssi says:

Not necessarily. Also the Evo LTE is just a One X but with a better case, SD card, camera button, kickstand, larger battery, etc, it is still a different carrier. And carriers can greatly interfere with software update release schedules. It will likely come, but who knows when it will happen.

MrLadoodle says:

So its not a One X.

Its not part of the One series.

pounder001 says:

Downloading right now, very very slow download.

Downloading now. :-) I don't root so it doesn't matter to me. And as for the multitasking HTC has already said its working as intended and there will be no "fix."

crxssi says:

They have never said "there will be no fix", although they have said it is working as they intended. But perhaps their intentions do not match what users want. I encourage EVERYONE who is not happy with the multitasking/task management/memory management on the HTC One X and the HTC Evo LTE to complain to HTC here:

TechGuy21 says:

Can someone verify whether Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper works and restores root after this update?

TechGuy21 says:

Just to follow up - Rootkeeper cannot restore root after this update.
Waiting on a root method for 2.20 now.

cmallow says:

I updated without an issue but, as I can't find the option to remove the menu button. Where is it?

crxssi says:

"It's here now, at least on the AT&T One X. Filed under Settings > Display, gestures and buttons is an entry where users can choose how they want the multi-tasking button to work. It can work as normal, or have a second function if you long-press"

cmallow says:

Thanks! Found it. So far so good.

PJMAN2952 says:

And this is why I flashed CM9 rom on my T-Mobile HTC One S. It fixed the black menu bar problem right away since the buttons were mapped differently for you. I will never go back to a stock HTC rom :D

ROGERS? Please get this update before 2013!

Had to wait to get home and use WiFi (stupid AT&T!) But installed without a hitch ... So far so good :-)

crxssi says:

Why is that stupid? Why would AT&T want many thousands of people to each have to download up to hundreds of megabytes each while "on the go"? The more bandwidth lost to low-priority things like system updates, the worse the mobile experience for everyone.

So big whoop- update when you get home.

lorddrgn says:

One thing I noticed is the buttons for the speakerphone and mute are much bigger now, which is quite a nice improvement :)

snookiesnoo says:

Why is this locked on AT&T and not the S 3?

dexterone says:

I have an unlocked AT&T Htc One X...mine is running 4.0.3 ...shall i update mine??..If i update..does the phone gets blocked/bricked??

Need some xpert advice...many thanks in advance..