Update 2: Never mind AT&T's blog post ... the update most definitely is available now. It's a whopping 630 MB.

Update: And AT&T has pulled its blog post announcing all this. Figures.

Original: AT&T today finally announced that its HTC One X is getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean starting today. 

We'll let that sink in for a minute. This one's been a long time coming.

In addition to the expected Google improvements, such as Google Now, Project Butter, better notifications and all those other improvements we've been enjoying on other phones for some time, you'll get:

  • A new countdown timer for the front-facing camera. 
  • ISIS mobile payments. This is worthless unless you're in Austin, Texas, or Salt Lake City.
  • AT&T Locker, so you can store your photos, videos and docs in the cloud. Which you can also do just fine without AT&T-specific software.
  • AT&T DriveMode, which can be set up to send custom replies to incoming messages once your phone (presumably in a car) is going more than 25 mph. This is a good thing. Use it.
  • AT&T Messages: A single inbox for texts, calls and voicemails, accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. Should interesting.

AT&T says the update should be available any time now, though we don't see it yet, and now we've got that blasted "You can't check for updates again for another 24 hours," which is as annoying as ever. 

Source: AT&T; More: HTC One X forums


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AT&T HTC One X finally gets Jelly Bean


I know carriers play a big part in updates but it's no wonder why HTC is on a downward spiral if they're pushing out an update that could have been out 6 months ago; on a flagship phone nonetheless...pathetic. I love how a geek(im including myself) in his basement can get a phone updated in about 48 hrs but it takes multi-billion $ companies over half a year. /end rant

I'm no fan of slow updates either, but remember the geeks who made the update for your phone in 48 hours are usually :

A) Doing it for free in their spare time (professionals have to get paid)
B) Are not responsible if/when their update bricks your phone or breaks other features

That being said, the reason this all takes forever is not because it is hard; it is because the 21st corporation has a hard time justifying to its shareholders that they should be investing funds into updating an already existing product with nearly zero immediate return. (IMO, they're just not good at quantifying the value of customer loyalty anymore)

If AT&T didn't bother to add useless crap to the updates, there'd be nothing to spend money on...okay, well very little. Certify and test HTC's update and push it...that's it. But they add all the other crap no one wants and then say "it takes time." You're right, AT&T, it does take time to take something that alot of people want and then add a bunch of stuff that no one does. Thanks.

This is entirely AT&T's deal. Rogers, Telus, Three, and more international carriers released Jelly Bean for the same hardware in the last two to three months. HTC released Jelly Bean in, like, November.

AT&T has had it and has been sitting on it, likely making sure its bloatware was working properly. HTC did its due diligence to get JB onto the One X and AT&T dragged its feet, likely in favor of the One X+ or even the new One model.

I couldn't agree more. And I'm not on AT&T, but hate hearing people complain about HTC and their updates. I got mine mid-December, which was after a bunch of international devices had already gotten it. I notice a bunch of the "extras" mentioned are all AT&T, not HTC. What the fuck is ISIS? And every other thing they added, which apparently Android and HTC already do?

I'd just like to point out that it wasn't HTC's fault. It was AT&T's fault. The international One X got the update back in October. My phone the EVO 4G LTE, received the update in November. My point is, HTC is supporting their phones just as well as Samsung is, but ultimately in the U.S., you can't blame the OEM, you have to blame the carrier. If the international One X just began to get the update, that would be something to get pissed at HTC for.

I wanna say I care... Wanna.

No more locked down phones for me any more. I know I get what I pay for as far as updates, and carriers/mfr are not required to update OS, but as long as Google offers it for the Nexus, it should only be fair that mfr try to help reduce fragementation. It is what it is. My One X is now my secondary phone as I'm now using a 920. I only use it for Run Keeper. But I think I'm pretty much done with HTC if it's not another Nexus phone.

I was just about to put CM on my phone, but I might give this a try first. If it's truly rolling out soon.


That's really bad, even Samsung on Verizon got out 4.1.2 the other day on the GS3 and 4.2.2 is coming on the Verizon GNex. This is horrible.

No OG Note love :( Doesn't matter as I'm now on CM10.1. Still would be nice to have the S-Pen apps though..

The EVO 4G LTE got its Jelly Bean/Sense 4+ update almost 3 months ago, further proving that Sprint is better with updates than AT&T. Say what you will about their network quality, but at least they update their phones in a timely fashion.

Go to settings --> apps ---> all
then scroll down and open "updater" app and click "clear data" and then try updating again.

How do I get past the 24 hour wait period? I checked earlier and it wasn't available but now I want to check again. Message appears saying that I need to wait 24 hours to check again..

Ok. Have JB up and running. Anybody know what the Power Saver Off in the notifications is all about? Is this some new
ATT addition? Reading the Info on this is scary and confusing. Any information on this is appreciated.

It's on all HTC phones that are running JB. It is on Sprint's EVO 4G LTE too.

Basically, when you activate it, it'll:

Underclock your CPU to 1Ghz instead of a 1.5Ghz.
It will dim your screen for you.
Shut off your data when the screen is off.
It'll turn of vibration.


We were lucky we ever saw official GB 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0, which was only given to us after it was determined that ICS was never going to see the light of day on the Desire HD. My Inspire had Sense on it only from the time I picked it up at the door until I ran attn1's Ace Hack Kit 10 minutes later. We were blessed to have some great Devs working some awesome magic on that device :-D There's a few JB ROMs that run surprisingly well on the Inspire and I'm glad to see it still get some love.

attn1 truly was the ace. "poor user experience" said HTC as devs knocked out great roms both on aosp and sense. Only reason S3 isn't rooted now is because i'd spend far to long fooling around with different roms.

No, each carrier has their own updates. It's my understanding that their Dev's are testing beta phase, TBH_AK

I got an error message when I tried to download it and now have to wait 24 hours to try again. Wtf

I'm a week into the future on my phone and still nothing but error messages saying the server is busy.

Just go into settings, date & time, un-check automatic date and time, move the date ahead 1 day. Now check for update. Don't forget to set your date back to auto, Enjoy, @TBH_AK

I'm having trouble trying to update my one x. I go to software update and then check for updates and it's not giving me anything in regards to an update. Please help.

Is there any kind of progress indicator. It told me it was available, make sure I was on wifi, so did, then tapped continue, and the screen went back to the menu. No sign of anything happening.

Tried again and same thing, repeat.

edit ... after reboot it started.

So I downloaded the update but nothing happened afterwards.. The file is just sitting on my phone and the phone wouldn't install it.. Any suggestions?

okay, finally downloading..
now, for those who have been with HOX unrooted what are the big changes and how you get to them or use them...
how do i get google now.. can i reply to messages from the notification...?

Two ways to get Google Now:

Long Press the Home Key to bring up google now.

Find an empty screen and put the 4x4 google now widget on it.

But the long press home is the intended method I think.

Once you got it go through the various cards and make some settings like your home and place of work, etc. It will start to learn your habits and routines over time, I trust google isn't doing anything nefarious with this.

NM. First, I don't know why my mind was seeing a sideways Z and not an N. My brain works in mysterious ways sometimes. Turns out it's the NFC icon.

I can't seem to get expandable notifications to work... I see power saver off button there the whole time... But I can't use the new notification features

Same here. Just to make sure, You go to settings, at&t software update and the check for update. Because I'm doing that and have gotten nothing

Our calendars do not go far enough into the future to contain AT&T's projected 4.2 date for the AT&T HTC ONE X.

Since I got my HTC one X I have been unable to open hyperlinks in any email i receive. are gthere any suggestions out there. Thanks,

Wish I could downgrade back to ICS; the biggest change this update has brought to my device is crappy battery life and inconsistent wifi connectivity. Can't believe we waited all this time for this crap.

I agree.i love google now, but wtf is up with my battery lasting all of 2 hours playing Candy Crush Saga? And same goes with the wifi problems. When it works correctly its magnificent but when it's bad it's bad. Also, my phone gets SUPER hot. Like I feel like its trying to kill itself hot. Sigh.