Sense 6 on the HTC One M7

AT&T has joined Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile by offering a Sense 6 update to their HTC One M7. Some of our people in the forums have already spotted the rollout on their devices, and marks the last of the major American carriers to get the update. Worldwide, we've already seen this update come to Canada and Europe.

There's a lot that Sense 6 offers users, namely the extremely snazzy BlinkFeed, which you can read all about in our HTC One M8 review. The user interface gets a good flattening, some new motion controls are added in, and there are some new power management options, among other things.

How many M7 owners on AT&T have got this update yet? Is the phone still doing good by you, or are any of you guys itching for an M8? Maybe that QHD beast we're hearing about strikes your fancy.

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aitt says:

Opinion. Think this phone still had life to get for my wife on a two year contract? Or should I sacrifice the full $199 to get her the M8 also. How has updates in general been for this phone?

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an4564 says:

HTC has said that they will keep the One M7 updated for 2 years at least. that would mean that it should still be updated this time next year. as for the phone itself i believe it is more than enough for anyone unless you need the best in class then go with the m8. i own this and i have to say that it might be the first time i will keep my phone for the full 2 year contract.

ucfgrad93 says:

The updates have been good so far. Sense has seen two upgrades, 5.5 & 6. Android has seen one upgrade, 4.4.2.

But at this point in time, I would recommend getting the M8.

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aitt says:

Thanks. I just got the M8 and love this phone. Taking a break from WP till things get better in that pond. Probably get her one also. But to find fond of the S5 but she likes it

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Get her what she wants.

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velvetelvis says:

WP is such a good os. it is really a shame about the ecosystem. but nathan is correct, get her what she wants. it will make your life easier.

aitt says:


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cdraper74 says:

Anyone getting this yet? If I attempt to goto setting and search for latest software, will it shut me out for 24hr as it does? Or will the update just push through? Thanks!

Just manually set your date ahead on day :) then you can keep checking. ( not kidding, this works)

velvetelvis says:

aaaaarg... i just checked late last night and i am now locked for another 12 hours. damn you...

cdraper74 says:

That's why I'm trying not to look until I'm sure.

croaker68 says:

Set the date ahead on the phone.

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I just got it installed a few minutes ago, so it definitely seems to be live. Download was crazy fast on my work WiFi too so it doesn't seem AT&Ts servers are slammed yet. So far seems alright, but I don't use blinkfeed so the biggest change doesn't affect me much personally.

velvetelvis says:

duh... i cant believe i didnt think of that. thanks for the reminder.

alexblfc says:

Yet my Unlocked Sim-free UK handset which I bought the first minute it was available has no update. Seriously HTC?

TechGuy21 says:

Surprise, AT&T is last, I remember those days...before I switched to Ting!

shlk7 says:

Yup set the date ahead and it worked. Thanks!

Yacer Mirza says:

Does the update allow motion gestures like double tap to wake?

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CheesyBred says:

No, it requires special sensors that the M8 has that the M7 does not.

Dizfunctions says:

I still can't believe that T-Mobile was able to roll it out first...

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Yeah, that surprised me too!

Adrian Ani says:

I have an Htc one m7(T-mobile) and I still cant update to sense 6, someone please help me, what should I do to update my mobile ?

CheesyBred says:

Question for anyone who gets the update. Has anyone else had their screenshots folder not appear in the gallery? I have it checked so it definitely shouldn't be hidden, but it does not show up.

Indyrobb says:

I have it on my sprint m7 and just tested a screenshot and it showed up in gallery for me.

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CheesyBred says:

Hmm, this is so strange. There's that, and then I'm not sure if HTC changed it so new pictures taken are at the top of an album instead of at the very bottom

usclarry says:

Download just showed up on my phone and I am downloading now

Mike Watling says:

This update will hit the UK on June 11th according to HTC

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braygor says:

Just reset my calendar to Friday and the download has started!

its awkward update new and specially camera capturing now totally bad.. They should be improve camera features

mpinter says:

Mine's downloading right now. 2% of 673.1MB. Man, my work wi-fi is slooooooow!

I just got the update and it's pretty awesome. I do not have any complaints yet

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del913 says:

lovin the Helvetica font. The LCD font is sweet too. good job HTC, poor job AT&T at taking forever with it.

Could Anybody' tell me how two download the weather widget that has window wipers when it rains would be appreciated been trying 2 find it for AGES SOMEONE please help thanks.

xpurtwitness says:

Got the download, then I got a warning that root might have been lost, chose the option to fix it and then of course the update seems to have been lost. Now I'll have to try the calendar trick. Anyone else get a root warning?

Jim Schaffer says:

Just tried the update and it got stuck on a "bugfix1" screen in which I had to force reboot. Came back up with old version and now AT&T says there are no updates. I'm rooted. Did not get a warning that root may have been lost though.

Is it supposed to be possible to update if rooted? Has anyone had success?

I can update via ROM, but will I lose my 4G LTE network? (I've experienced this before when I upgraded my Samsung Smart)

Got the update! Only thing that I hate about the phone is battery life, I'm only getting about 7-8 hrs a day now :(

jimbo says:

The Sprint update significantly reduced 4G LTE, 3G, and voice signal reception resulting in significantly reduced data speed and voice calls in weaker areas being dropped. Because of this radios' reception degradation, battery life is also reduced.

Something is wrong.

Hopefully this issue is researched by both HTC and carriers and an OTA released to mitigate the 'described' degradation.

Hopefully this radios'reception reduction doesn't occur with other carriers.

HTC-1-Mike says:

I just updated my M7 that runs on AT&T this morning. Sadly, I'm experiencing the exact same issues that you've described. I've been stuck on EDGE most of the day, at least when I'm getting a signal at all. For at least 25% of the day, I've had no reception whatsoever.

You've got it exactly right - something is wrong.

Joe84fl says:

I like everything other than the fact that the screen seems clearly oriented for on screen menu buttons of the M8. There's a lot of wasted space just for the dots to show which home screen you're on.

Well i have just spoke to htc and there is no confirmed UK update for sense at the moment its still syspended due to complications so i dont know theres a guy saying 11th if june cause its not then

paul-c says:

Got the update last night. Everything is smooth sailing and I like the look of Sense 6. Could do without the colors in BlinkFeed, though. Other than that, I'm happy with it.

jimbo says:

Go to personalize > themes and choose a different color.

This update is horrible. All of the color schemes look ridiculous. Dolphin browser crashes over and over. The camera has a wired red hue in the view finder. This was a phone that Bat man would have designed. Now it looks like something Joker put together. Any way to roll back?

I'm in Romania downloading sense 6 on a M7 O2 UK branded.