HTC One Media Link update

A quick heads up for those of you rocking the HTC One on AT&T. A software update is available (and has been for a while, actually) that fixes a few things in regards to the Media Link HD, which AT&T gave out to those who preordered HTC's latest and greatest. Specifically, some folks hadn't been able to connect to HTC's high-def streamer because of a software glitch. That glitch has been fixed and is now ready to download. It's a small, 269KB update, takes just a minute or so to do, and basically makes your life seem a little brighter. And fixes the Media Link HD connection. 

Update: So the update you see above is the one I pulled down weeks ago via HTC's update mechanism (Settings>About>Software updates) and was recently approved. Today, there's a new 20MB update you get via AT&T's update mechanism (Settings>AT&T software update). AT&T tells us this bigger update contains the new Media Link code -- and presumably something else, but we don't yet know what.


Reader comments

AT&T HTC One gets fix for Media Link HD connectivity


I think you are right. My back and home button seem to be working fine now. I can't believe how fast I'm moving around now. The buttons worked only sporadically before which was annoying the hell out of me.

Are back and home functioning well with a screen protector? I had to cut the bottom portion of mine off, because there was little to no sensitivity for back and home with the protector on. Just downloaded the update, but done want to waste another screen protector if that problem is not fixed.

It was a software error originally and now the "touch area" corresponding to each button should be larger and more 'sensitive'

yes i had ordered a Spigen tempered glass screen protector and it did not work until i did this update... thank god cuz it woulda been a waste of 30$

I seem to have greatly improved battery life .. i did a factory reset after the update.. not sure if that had any thing to do with it.. but the phone seems to be much more fluid and like i said .. the battery is lasting a lot longer.