'Exclusive' 64GB model to come later at $299.99, internal screens show

According to some training information obtained by Engadget (above), the HTC One could be up for pre-order at AT&T as early as this week. While we could've pretty easily guessed between a couple of possible prices for the device, we're looking at a cool $249.99 on-contract for the 32GB version in either black or silver casing. While there is no specific launch date for the 'exclusive' 64GB model, it is said to be up for sale eventually at $299.99 with no indication of potential pre-orders.

Be on the lookout for an official announcement from AT&T in the coming days, as rumor has it that you'll be able to get a head start a day earlier online if you're anxious to get your hands on the HTC One. T-Mobile has also revealed some pricing information on its HTC One, but there's no official launch date there either.

Source: Engadget
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AT&T HTC One pre-orders


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AT&T HTC One pre-orders reportedly will begin April 5 for $250


$250? Seems a little too much when T-Mo and Sprint are selling it for less. I guess I'll be switching network after all. RadioShack looks like they have a great deal for Sprint.

What the hell is the deal with these price increases on subsidized phones? seems like we get shafted harder and harder every year.

Personally I'm a blunt person, I don't use the word "inflation", I use the word GREED! Just telling the truth is all.
I don't mask things with fancy words.

Thats not bad at all!!!! my Gnex for VZW when i bought it launch day was $ this seem to be right.

yeah the sprint ad/sign does seem sweet for $199, but i cant switch as their service sucks where im at!!!!

Looks like my One X will finally hit the retired bench fairly soon!!!!

Yeah but let's not forget that's Radioshack's price for a Sprint branded HTC One.

Radio Shack, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. always undercut the carrier stores.

Well, I was going to get the AT&T version because I thought it would be $550 off contract, but now that it will be $600 off contract I might as well get the unlocked developer edition for $650. This will also make me consider the S4 a bit more than I would have before.

Give it all a MONTH OR 2 .. LET the dust settle and it will be back down to 199.00 or even 99.00 by christmas

Lol by christmas ... No one should be waiting to buy this phone on December ... There would probably be an htc one + , or the next generation of HTC phones coming...

Sprint HTC One $199.99 - $100 HTC buy back - $50 Best Buy Gift Card usable on the phone purchase = $49.99 for the 32GB HTC One. I'm staying with Sprint and going with the HTC One for this price.

I'm sure they will have this same promotion for the S4. The only reason why I might consider the "one" is if the tensions in Korea escalate.