HTC One X+

AT&T and HTC have finally brought quad-core processors and LTE together in the U.S., with the unveiling of the HTC One X+. Take everything you know about the current AT&T One X (and we know quite a lot), and beef it up a notch for a refresh that's just about nice enough to make most people with the current One X a little green, but not quite enough for a new model name -- hence the One X+.

The specs are the same as the international version coming to Europe, namely a 1.7GHz Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, 64GB of internal storage, and a larger 2100mAh battery. You'll still have the great HTC camera and best-in-class LCD2 display, making the One X+ one for the best-of short list.

On the software side the One X+ will roll out of the gates with Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4+, which brings new functionality to the camera, a new and improved gallery, and a unique Tap and Go function when paired with Beats speakers.

There's no word on pricing and availability just yet, only the ever-present "soon."  All in all it looks like a device that's bound to please quite a few, and one we're excited to get to know a little better. 


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AT&T announces the HTC One X+; Nvidia quad-core meets LTE


This is my next phone! Congrats to AT&T for keeping the specs (mainly 64GB of memory) and changing that ugly red accent scheme to a sexy black look! I'm dissapointed there is no white version but I won't be picky!

I'm sure a white one will come out 31 days after you buy the black one ;)

but I agree, nice phone. I have the One X now, but would possibly go after this if it performs well.

There is still time for AT&T to screw this up.....
They haven't announced anything yet.

What is pictured above is the old ONE X, not the new ONE X+

This is a nice phone and all by why is HTC releasing it? Anyone who was serious about getting a new phone would have bought or would still buy the HTC One X if the One X+ wasn't being released other than maybe hard core users who are a small niche. I fail to see how this would draw someone away from a Galaxy S 3 if the regular One X didn't. You will never notice the difference the minor bump in processor speed would make, especially when most apps are designed to work on single core 800mhz phones.... So now they have to manufacture and produce a second phone that is virtually the same as the phone that has been out and you aren't going to gain many more customers than you would have with the normal One X. They should save the upgrades for when they are meaningful.

These incremental updates aren't good for Android I don't think. It is yet another phone that needs to get on the OS update schedule... Also, carrier branding on the front of the phone looks terrible.

The One X on AT&T only has 16mb of storage -- which is woefully inadequate for those who have a lot of music. Cloud streaming just doesn't cut it all the time, and capped/throttled data means that you can only use that feature so much.

The processor speed with be noticeable when loading web pages and LTE is a big upgrade. Though I agree its weird that they follow up the One X with this model so soon -- this should have been what they offered from the get go.

Now I'm just waiting for the next Nexus phone to make my choice. I love the style of this beauty, but I hate not being sure if I'll get Key Lime Pie.

Your point is subjective, and works for you. Not everybody checks to see if a phone is better than the S3 on paper before buying something else. Some people just don't like the overlay as much as HTC's Sense. Remember the tech enthusiasts like us only represent a tiny miniscule percent of HTC's customers, the average person buys things that just look nice or sound good at the moment.

There is no way web pages will load faster that anyone would notice on a 1.7 vs a 1.5 ghz proc.

This is apples and oranges, people.....

The AT&T One X uses the S4 chip, a very fast and efficient dual core.
The AT&T One X+ uses the Tegra 3+ chip, which is a die-reduced version of the regular Tegra 3 to try and save power.

Thus, the One X+ is not necessarily any faster than the One X. Almost every benchmark showed the S4 chip to perform better in single-threaded (read: almost everything you do on a phone) and almost the same in multi-threaded use.

The One X+ also might not have as good a battery life as the One X.

It's also games and the overall performance of the phone. Multitasking should perform better but here's hoping they continue to improve the multitasking capability on the One X line, it's better but not where it should be for a high end android.

Only issue with the Nexus is it will probably be Samsung again. Also, as the Nexus is designed to be a developers phone, it doesn't usually have cutting edge hardware. LTE may also be lacking, since it won't be designed specifically for AT&T.

I would really consider this if I were an AT&T user. I'm really a fan of the Nexus phones but I like this one a lot, It basically has everything I want in the next Nexus.

We really need news on if a new Nexus will be out this year or not. The original One X tempted me, so this is even worse.

No it is not. The current has the logo in addition to the text, no version comes with those white accents, and the rim around the camera lens isn't black.

What's the "tap and go" thing? The One X+ has NFC, right? And "tap and go" is something extra that maybe uses it? And not an attempt to replace NFC?

I was slightly tempted by the One X, but was disappointed that it wasn't quad-core or LTE. I've heard the camera is really good though. And with the upgraded specs on this, the One X+ may be my new phone soon. My contract is up in a month. :-)

Just got to wait and make sure there isn't some awesome Nexus device right around the corner...

The original one x for att is lte capable, thats why they dropped the quad core because the tegra 3 didnt support lte at the time.. It also has hspa+

I've been holding out on getting a One X until I'm thoroughly done with my Inspire, which is running ICS quite capably. This phone has pushed me over the edge. Just keep the contract price the same $99 and I"m in!

I like the fact that all the SGII's have similar dimensions. Since it sold many units, there are many OEM and aftermarket choices for accessories.

The problem with the HTC One Series (and many other android phones), is you choose wrong and don't buy accessories when you make your purchase, your are stuck (not really) with a phone in contract and limited aftermarket choices.

I had an HTC EVO 4G. Great at first, bad battery, my only good option was an extended battery with a hideous bunp to it and that negated using the kickstand.

I now have a Galaxy Nexus with and extended battery and when I swap to the standard battery, I have to change cases as well.

I'm looking to get 3 phones for the family and they don't sit at a desk (2 are in school) all day and need a battery to last at least 7-9 hours and a phone that is current! :)

With the protrusion of that camera, I'm hoping the lens is covered in gorilla glass.

i'm liking the curvature. looks like a Galaxy Nexus.

I am afraid your Evo LTE does NOT have "expandable memory", it has expandable storage.

But yes, there is no reason for the One X+ on Sprint. The Evo LTE is still better. The S4 chip is still going to outperform the Tegra 3+ for normal use. The battery life is likely longer. It has the dedicated camera button and the kickstand. And it has the oh-so-delicious 64GB card capacity, which means even more storage than the One X+.

I'm on Verizon anyway, but I wish HTC would release a phone like this but with stock android. I just don't like skins. Release two identical phones one with Sense one without. How hard can it be?

i'm with you on this. i love the specs on this phone, but its not a nexus and i promised myself i would only be getting nexus phones from now on. hopefully the next nexus has at least 32gb.

I'm with you. I just got burned by Motorola with their decision to not upgrade the Atrix and have promised myself to not be put in a situation where an OEM promises support and upgrades, only to reneg. I would love this phone, especially with the build quality and materials compared to my current phone, plus killer specs, but I'd rather receive support for my phone for the full duration of my 2 year contract, or just have current software

They had to take away the accents because that's a Verizon trademark here in the states. (DINC, Rezound, Merge)