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OK, folks, one thing I really don't know how to do is snagging a screen shot, either on my Transformer Prime or my Vivid. I appreciate all help in bringing me up to speed on these techniques. Thank you, very much.

You're welcome, and we're glad you asked! Android is an open platform, which means manufacturers can implement things however they like -- including the ability to capture the screen. Of course, that means they all do it differently. Both the Transformer Prime and the HTC Vivid have the utility built in, and it's fairly easy.

On the Prime, just press and hold the multitasking button. After about a second and a half it will grab the screen and save it to the device internal storage. If yours isn't doing it, make sure this is turned on in the settings. Open the settings and choose ASUS customized setting and it is the second item in the list/

On the HTC Vivid, you press and hold the power button then tap the Home soft key. A screen capture will be saved to the device. This is pretty standard across all newer HTC phones.

Of course, there is the old fashioned way of using the Android SDK for screen capture. After installing the SDK, the USB driver for the device (if you're using Windows) and the Java JDK you can use the bundled ddms tool to capture the display. Thank goodness for the easy way, right?

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Ask AC: Taking screenshots on the Transformer Prime and HTC Vivid


Regarding screenshots on the Prime, another method is the keyboard dock's dedicated screenshot button located just above the '6' key (if you have the dock).

Both devices are on ICS, so you could also (I assume) use the ICS screenshot function. Power+Volume Down. My TF1 supports it without changing any settings, as does the unofficial ICS for SGS1 rom I'm using. If you remember that combo, hopefully it will work with all devices going forward.

Dont forget you can hold power and vol down at the same time for the prime and it will take a screenshot as well

I don't use the built-in screenshot functions anymore...the one on the Rezound is awful. It compresses the hell out of the image. If you want a truly accurate capture without a butt load of artifacts, you will need to use the Android SDK.