Yes, that's exactly what you think it is -- the HTC EVO 4G LTE -- and it's in Phil's hands. 4.7-inches of EVOlisious goodness is in the house and it's time to put this monster through the paces like only we can. We know you all have questions, and we'll have answers. Jump in the discussion and let's talk about it, shall we?

 I've got the EVO - ask me anything!


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Are you ready to talk about the HTC EVO 4G LTE?


Oh shut up already. You post the same nonsense. The Note is a good phone but it doesn't belong in the same league as the EVO LTE. So you can take your Note and troll somewhere else.

chill out castro
am sorry to tell you this but we are not in cuba

if you dont like a post just move on everybody is free to speak up their mind

And I'm sorry to tell you that there's a BIG difference between giving an opinion and trolling the same crap time after time. Next time, understand the situation before you make yourself look stupid....ok Hitler?

Can't wait to get my hands on the Evo LTE. I just dropped my OG Evo the other day and cracked the screen. Good thing I don't have to wait long to upgrade.

Actually, maybe you should stick with the OG Evo for a bit, to make sure you've got all the drops out of your system...Sounds a little rash to go buy something new when you've nearly established a pattern of dropping your phone... ;)

ooooh, can't wait for Phil's full review :)

I mean, we already know it is mostly identical to the One X, just better. I would love to know specifically what Sprint *might* have done to try and ruin it (like a stupid "Sprint Zone" or other apps that can't be removed or disabled). And things that are likely DIFFERENT from the One X (speakerphone, WiFi range/quality/speed, root?)

Whats the big deal with some of the Sprint apps? The Sprint Zone app lets you check your account, make payments, change services, etc... Sprint TV includes movies and radio which I use all the time, Sprint Music + is a great DRM free music and ringtone store, many features of Sprint Navigation/Telenav are better than Google Nav and Sprint Football Live app is actually really good for NCAA, NFL and Fantasy. I dont use Sprint Nascar so I unistalled it. Besides, isn't Sprint is the only provider that allows removal of most bloatware?

I just ordered two of these for my kids (12 & 13) as their first phones. I hope I don't regret ordering phones with non user replaceable batteries... My EVO 4G, and my Evo 3D both required new batteries at about 9-10months to get decent life out of them.

I hope these batteries last longer through the day, and longer life span than the current batteries... Time will tell.

The new battery replacement after 10 months may be due to apps being downloaded and extra things running in the background after a while. I like to backup and factory reset every 4-5 months. You'd be surprised at the performance increase that has on a phone. It also keeps it feeling fresh.
I have a 3d and my battery seems okay.

Just my take.

My Evo 4g Battery swelled up and quit working.... the 3D I replaced recently with a 3500mah battery. I hate the way it looks but it gets me through the day now.

With the kids lines being new, it was a no-brainer getting this phone- with a minimum of a 2yr before their next upgrade. I get my last annual upgrade June 1. I want a chance to see this phone and try it out for a day and see how the battery hold up before I depend on it for work.


Just remember: There's a lot of stuff you might not want your kids to do that they could easily do with a superphone like this. I'm not going to fill in any of the blanks, but I'm sure you can figure out.

Sprint Mobile Controls. $4.99/month and allows you to control the kids usage, plus see what apps they have downloaded. Well worth it.

My wife and I have spent a good deal of time explaining to the kids- and a little showing them news stories and youtube videos so they understand that the internet is forever.... I have had some very straight forward conversations with them about some of the things that could happen (and what the phone could be used to do)- and explained why they should not do it....

I trust my kids to do the right thing. They have earned it, they worked (and paid for) their own HP touchpads and Dell laptops, and have digital cameras- it wouldn't be hard for them to do many of the same things with what they already have... Google Talk et all.........

I wish I was your kid! You just ordered your kids currently the best Android device out (although not the prettiest lol)

To be completely honest, the kids were saving up for new ipods (they have gen 2 nanos from grandma Christmas a few years back). Both were saving up for the Touch version, and were getting pretty close. I told them if they bought the phones, I would pay for the service, insurance and accessories... I thought it was a good deal for us both, and they will probably take better care of the phones having invested a year's allowance into it..

I'm with you on the looks of the phone also.... I thought the original was the best looking.

Man I would have Sh#t may pants if I got an EVO LTE when I was twelve. I hope your kids appreciate how lucky they are.

You ordered 12 and 13 year olds an Evo 4G LTE?! Wow. More power to them. Spoiled kids turn into wonderful adults I hear.

My kids work for and earn money through chores to pay for what they want. Maybe you did not read that part of the post.

Don't let envy get the best of you.

The way I see it, get the most for the least- 2yr deal 199/each. No activation no shipping. Why get a p.o.s. and save so little over the 24 month term...


EVO 3D battery = Lithium Ion
EVO 4G LTE battery = Lithium Polymer... from what i gather lithium polymer batteries can take more charges and discharges than lithium ion

There's nothing to talk about!!! It has a non-removable battery. Therefore it can't even be considered.

Samsung Galaxy SIII for me, plus Go Launcher EX!

The S4 gets ridiculous battery life. I said it on another post, but my One X with moderate use got 38-39 hours, although I wasn't on LTE. When I first got my phone it had 75% battery and I got over 20 hours and that was with playing with it heavy and on LTE. The S4 is a beast when it comes to battery.

If anything, go buy an Anker battery pack on Amazon, and on the couple days a year you are going to be doing extreme use, just carry it with you.

Not sure who you are responding to. Of course, you do know that the Evo LTE is a one-piece aluminum body, right?

Yep, but

1) That is not the body, it is just a cover
2) It doesn't play any role in the structure or rigidity of the phone
3) It is easily replaced

I wasn't necessarily criticizing it (although I feel they could have done something better). I thought you were thinking of the One S. All good though.

Will you please do a comparison against the sprint Galaxy Nexus?
I'm debating between the 2 phones.... I'm due to upgrade the 18th... I've had the other evos and now have a nexus s 4G
Any one elders input is welcomed

all past phones have been rooted and run custom roms

Since you root/rom, the only benefit to the nexus is the removable battery. But since the Evo LTE has the S4 with integrated LTE, the battery life is going to smash on the Nexus.

Screen -> Evo LTE wins
Processor -> Evo LTE wins
Battery -> Size & Life, Evo LTE Wins. Removable, Nexus Wins.
Camera -> Evo LTE wins

No bloat...GNex wins
Early Jelly Bean update...GNex wins

Those are the two main reasons to get any Nexus.

Aside from being the newest thing out there, what sort of "debate-ending" features are supposed to be coming in Jelly Bean? I just don't see what all the fuss is about. Does it come with free money and clean hookers?

I guess I'll have to drool while listening to you guys talk about y'all phone. Summer is not that far away though.

Not sure if it was mentioned earlier, but I just got an updated launch date email from Best Buy with the 18 May 2012 date listed. Pretty excited about getting my new HTC EVO 4G LTE to replace my OG EVO. I live in Atlanta, so I am looking forward to the 4G LTE.

I wonder if the camera is any better than the one x on AT&T. Mine is disappointing. I thought it would be better. Can't compare to my iPhone 4s camera, not even close. I think I'll take it back tomorrow.

I apologize to any that I've offended with with my Galaxy Note bias. I've owned just about every type of phone imaginable, from Windows Phone to Android to IOS to Blackberry, so I think I'm a good judge of phones. The Note is head and shoulders above anything else on the market right now. I'll give the Galaxy SIII a look when it drops but I'll probably stick with the big boy for awhile. By the way, I rarely post on these type of sites so I don't really understand the whole "troll" thing. Name calling is very juvenile in my opinion so I won't stoop to that level. I'm just a guy with an opinion.....respect it.

I think mainly where people call you out is the fact the phone isn't released and your making your judgements prematurely. The fact you have had other phones in the past isn't a factor in this situation. When the phone is released, give it a test drive at Best Buy, Sprint, or wherever. Then come on here and post your judgements. Yes, on paper you can make judgements about specs but until you actually get the phone in your hand, you won't know that it's better or worse than your Note.

I have owned Windows Phones, Android phones, iPhones, and Palms (no blackberries). I have used the Note a handful of times and I currently own an HTC One X (of which the Evo is a variant). It really isn't a fair comparison. When it comes to the screen, the speed, the camera, the skin, the battery life, and the look and feel the One X wins. Obviously the look and feel will be different for the Evo LTE, but the rest will be the same. The Note is a cool phone, but the One series is a big step above it.

The Note is not even really the same device category as EVO LTE and GNex LTE and One X. Not a good comparison.

Testing question: I would like to hear about if there is truly a sound difference when listening to music on it. Is there is a noticeable difference when using "Beats" by Dr. Dre?

Personally, with the One X at least, the beats makes listening to earbuds a little better. I think this mostly has to do with most earbuds usually lack a little on the low end.

If you are connecting your phone to any decent stereo, the beats audio sounds like you took an equalizer and just turned everything way down except the low end. So highs and mids sound muffled and really quiet. And if you turn your stereo up, the bass sounds distorted. If I turn the beats audio off when connected to my home or car stereo, I can turn the volume up as loud as my stereo can handle without distortion and the audio sounds a lot more balanced with crisp highs, clear mids, and enough bass to keep my car thumping.

Out of curiosity I also tried using a couple of the built in equalizers besides the beats, and there is major distortion when connected to any decent stereo.

Yeah, I don't know what the big whoop is about "Beats Audio". To me, it looks like nothing but a simple equalizer... or perhaps just a bass booster. Not rocket science. If you want better audio, then purchase higher quality earphones. And earbuds? Next to useless.

I had an opportunity to play with the One X today and I will admit that it's a handsome little fella. The build quality is exceptional save for the ugly protruding camera lens on the back. The screen, although nice, can't match the Note's in both clarity and size. It's truly an unfair fight in my opinion. As far as the camera comparisons, Samsung phones are well known for having excellent cameras and the Note continues that tradition. There are things I love and hate about both Sense and Touchwiz so that's a wash for me. In the end though, the Note is a conversation piece while the One X (Evo 4G LTE) is just another phone. Hell, the Galaxy S III appears to be in a different stratosphere from those two phones.

"Hold the Note up to your ear and YOU become a conversation piece."

Excellent response...! So true and funny. lollll

Phil, when you do the review please please please tell us about the loud speaker on the back. A lot of people talk on speakerphone and listen to music (without headphones) but for some reason nobody every talks about loud speakers in reviews. If can, please compare it to that of the original evo, evo3d or galaxy s II. Thanks!

Yeah the EVO 3D speaker wasn't near as good at the OG EVO. I hope the LTE is better. I preordered at Best Buy too and got the May 18th email today which is what my reciept had already said. Is this true about the battery? That's the only thing I am worried about on this phone. I've had an EVO the 3D now and then this but below I copied what someone above wrote.

The S4 gets ridiculous battery life. I said it on another post, but my One X with moderate use got 38-39 hours, although I wasn't on LTE. When I first got my phone it had 75% battery and I got over 20 hours and that was with playing with it heavy and on LTE. The S4 is a beast when it comes to battery.

Alright Phil,
I know this thread's been quiet for a while, but with the whole Customs holdup I've been reading a lot.

My question is: The FCC report on this phone says it supports SVDO/SVLTE (simultaneous voice and data over 3g/LTE) can you please verify that this works over 3g?