One of our biggest issues with the HTC Tattoo, HTC's next Android phone, is the resistive touchscreen. We believe that capacitive touchscreens have worked so incredibly well with the Android OS that to take a step back to include resistive screens is a misstep. However, after watching the video above, our concerns regarding the resistive touchscreen have been alleviated a little bit.

The guys at phonedog have spent some time with the HTC Tattoo and from the looks of it, the resistive touchscreen seems to respond fairly well. Even HTC Sense feels very snappy considering that the Tattoo is supposed to be a low-end Android device. What's most unique is that the customizable 'tattoo' moniker really rings true here, the HTC Tattoo can be completely stripped and customized to one's liking--the entire exterior frame of the Tattoo can be replaced.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think! From this view, the HTC Tattoo looks a lot more impressive than we originally expected.


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Another Hands-On Video of the HTC Tattoo, HTC Sense UI


Am I the only one in the world that types with their fingernails and likes a resistive touchscreen?! The only reason I haven't upgraded my LG Vu is b/c I can't type on anything else--and yes I have tried them all. Every time I see a new touchscreen phone and I see that capacitive crap I just close the web page.
Also, I know others are interested in it, b/c when I type I always have a someone looking over my shoulder going you can type with your fingernails?! Then they look back to their IPhones, etc with scorn.