HTC Thunderbolt

Another day, another Gingerbread leak for the HTC Thunderbolt.  This time around everyone's favorite Russian mystery man Football provides us with the 2.10.605.1 build in RUU form.  If you're feeling brave, you can download the file from the source link and install it yourself, or you can play it safe and wait for more feedback.  Of course if you're riding the root train, you'll want to wait for your favorite developer to get his hands on the files and cook up something wonderful.  That won't take too long, it never does.

Source: XDA-Developers; via @joshuaworth

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dannychaos says:

This is great. The official OTA is so close!!! I'm rooted but still, cant wait for some roms to come out based on this.

Asitha says:

Is there any difference for the UI in this leak? Also what's the difference between this leak and the last?

Danrarbc says:

In other LTE handset news the Droid Charge also got a new GB leak this past week. EP1Q, looking pretty stable.

gdbjr says:

They already have a version that has been Debloat|Deodex|Rooted|Busybox|Zipalign over on

joshua.worth says:

Thanks Jerry! I'm holding still the last leak is about as good as I've seen no bugs that I've found. Wait to see if anyone says the same about this.

TheNicky2031 says:

Ugh.. I just flashed the last one.. And, yes it works wonderfully.. The only glitch I have noticed was this... I use my bluetooth in my car, and yesterday I was on a call phone, speaking through the car, and when I received a text message during the call, it disconnected the call from the bluetooth. The only thing I had to do was toggle the setting for the phone app to select General Motors instead of the handset.. it was not a huge issue, just something I have noticed.

Knyte says:

that Bluetooth dropping when getting a text is also happening on the DINC2 with the GB update. HTC says to call the Bluetooth manufacturer and vice versa.. looks like an issue with GB that someone is forgetting to fix..

TheNicky2031 says:

Well, it is ANNOYING lol

grimmace193 says:

Aww dawn! I was just working up the nerve to download the first one. After the latest official update all my complaints have been answered.

bpw says:

Zzzzz. Somebody wake me up when they push out the real, final version. Till then I can't get excited. We've already waited for it for a long time, so a little bit longer isn't a big deal. Meanwhile I'm happily using my non-updated phone.

Swavek says:

The last leak didn't work too well for me. I RAN awesome except that wifi would not connect to my home router. It kept trying to "obtain IP address" and wouldn't proceed past that point.

TheNicky2031 says:

Has anyone installed the new one yet? 2.10.605.1?
Can anyone confirm if this is better than the last one?