Tower defense games, a genre as old and time-tested as... well, at least that one mod I found for Warcraft III back in the day. At any rate, tower defense games seem a dime-a-dozen these days, especially on Android, but a strapping young whippersnapper looks to be the king of the heap.

For those of you who've played Robo Defense, you know it's the grandaddy of tower defense games on Android. Take Robo Defense's core gameplay mechanics (or any tower defense game's gameplay mechanics) and slap the shiniest, smoothest, most excellent graphics on them you can, and you've got Fieldrunners HD.

From a mechanical standpoint, Fieldrunners HD plays just like any other tower defense game. Set up towers (of which there are many), pew pew the bad guys, and earn monies for it. With your newly acquired cash, buy more towers, pew pew the bad guys... You see where I'm going with this. It isn't a bad thing Fieldrunners HD doesn't change the game, because the formula works. It's still fun.

The biggest selling point for this puppy are the graphics. Man, are those graphics gorgeous. I know it sounds like I'm blowing it out of proportion, but I can't get over it! You're looking at an early-days Android user who lived and breathed Robo Defense. When Robo Defense got a graphical overhaul not too long ago, I was pleased. But man, it doesn't touch Fieldrunners HD.

You've got full body motion on the troops you're trying to mow down, sound effects enabled by default, and at least on my device, not a stutter to be seen. You can even throw the whole round into 2x speed and it'll run like greased lightning. Like butter. Pick your cliche, cause it's good.

Other than that, there isn't much more to say. You've got three modes of difficulty, so start off easy to make yourself feel good, then ramp up the difficulty and watch the computer field-run circles around your vain efforts to shoot them down. It builds character, I hear.

Fieldrunners HD runs $2.99 a copy, which is an absolute steal for something this polished. It might be a bit more expensive than some other games in its genre, but they're not offering what Fieldrunners HD is offering.

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Android Quick App: Fieldrunners HD


This game is pure awesomeness!!! Though I got it for free through amazon appstore, I would have paid it if I had known that it is this awesome.

Thanks. I get the free app every day but rarely install them. Just went back and installed this one. Robo Defense is one of my favorite games though it's gotten a little stale now that I have all the upgrades. Time for some more long bathroom breaks at work now that I have this to play :).

After reading the article reposted on gizmodo about what app developers get from amazon from the free app of the day, I actually feel a little guilty playing this for free.

It certainly is pretty and well executed, but overall I just didn't find the depth that I got out of a game like Myth Defense, where it was more of a campaign with earning improvements over time to your overall tower structures and opening up new avenues of technology.

Fieldrunners just seems... kind of simple afterwards. Unless you open up more stuff that I didn't see, all I saw was the base four towers and their upgrades and that was available from the start... and that's, well, it, right?

I agree. I have lots of tower defense games (Robo Defense, Hex Defense, Fieldrunners, Myth Defense, Plants vs Zombies) and Myth Defense is the most challenging and complex of the games that I have. I spent many hours playing each of the games and while I enjoyed Fieldrunners, I found it lacking compared to MD. Looks great, but not as deep.

Would love to have more maps, but it is one of the games I play every day on my Incredible. Even overclocked it does get a bit stuttery in the higher levels, but then I do have a year and a half old phone :)

Although it's new to Android, Fieldrunners came out for iOS in 2008, long before Robo Defense. If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Robo Defense was a tribute to what rocked the iPhone world when it came out.

I got this as the free download of the day from Amazon, too. Then, I didn't play it for like 3 weeks. When I finally played it, it was so addictive.
My 8 year old son loves playing it too. (Matter of fact, he has my phone now, playing it!)
Well worth 3 bucks!

I'm surprised this got such a positive write up. As far as TD games go, I found Fieldrunners to be rather bland, but then again, I just don't care for the open field style of tower defense.

Even in a genre as simple as tower defense seems, there are multiple variations, and I enjoy the titles in which the enemies follow set patterns through well-designed levels much more than for the open field style (which is where Fieldrunners got the name from).

Anyway, if you enjoy this, I say give the Grave Defense demo a try. I find Grave Defense to be the most enjoyable tower defense title on Android (and I've tried most of them), and the HD version has great graphics to go with the great gameplay. Hex Defense if also a heck of a lot of fun. As for Fieldrunners, meh. At least it was cheap (nope, missed it when it was free doh!).

I've played plenty of tower defense games, and would say that this one's pretty basic. Reigning tower defense champion I think not.

Hasn't anyone played Tower Raiders 1 or 2? they are MUCH better. Tower Raiders is similar to Defense Grid on pc/consoles.