Some new Android features have been spotted and well, they look pretty darn sweet.
First off, the new circular zoom feature. CNET France has gotten on video the new zoom feature that looks to replace the ol' plus/minus icon process. To initiate the zoom, double tap the screen and a onscreen wheel will pop up for zoom purposes. In the video, it details circular zooming in photos and web browsing. Though this is surely a roundabout way to zoom (when compared to multi-touch at least) it certainly seems more fluid than the current setup. Fast forward to 2:05 in the video to check it out.
We also get a peek at the video recording capabilities on Android (at the 2:25 mark) which shows basic controls and the ability to share the video through Gmail, SMS, or upload directly to Youtube.
Though these features were shown off on a HTC Magic, we're pretty sure they'll eventually pop up in Android. So, what do you guys think? Circular zoom for the win?
[via phandroid]

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Android Has a Sweet New Circular Zoom -- VIDEO


That's actually pretty nice. I think I might find that easier to use than pinch-zooming.

I prefer the normal +/- buttons for zooming but i think the circle is better than pinching

Over on PreCentral during the discussion of Apple's fight with Palm's use of mulit-touch, someone in the comments suggested this very feature. Glad to see it implemented as I find myself a bit aggressive with the tap feature and I wind up zooming too far or too close.