HTC Sensation

If you have an HTC Sensation on O2 in the UK, you've likely been wondering what the heck has been taking them so long to push out the Android 2.3.4 update. Truth is, we don't know. But, they've finally managed to get it together and make it available for download.

Customers of O2 started reporting the update being available as of early this morning and now it seems a full roll out is happening. Go ahead and check for system updates, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find it there waiting for you.

Source: O2; Thanks, Elliot!


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Android 2.3.4 arrives for the HTC Sensation on O2


And it's not the EVO either. If you're rooted, do you accept it and will it remove the root, or just avoid and wait for a custom Rom?

Don't update if you're rooted, and definitely not if you're running a custom rom. Essentially all the custom roms for the Sensation are 2.3.4

You will know the Thunderbolt is getting Gingerbread right after you see headlines about ICS being pushed out to other phones.

As I understand it, this is also true for the incredible 2. Pushed update to 2.3.4 that kills root. I'm safe and sound on CM7 tho :-)