Ahead of Nexus 9 tablet announcement, custom HTC charging keyboard case leaks

Ahead of a rumored and hyped new Nexus announcement this fall, leaks are beginning to emerge for custom, official accessories for the Android slate as a result of a collaboration between HTC and Google. We are now seeing a custom charging keyboard folio case with flip cover, which looks similar in concept to Microsoft's Type keyboard for the Surface line of Windows tablets.

Over the weekend, we saw leaker @upleaks tweet about the special accessory, and now we're beginning to hear more about it.

The keyboard is described to have keys that are almost full size while being extremely thin still and packing in some Android navigation keys. What's missing from the keyboard, compared to what many hybrid offerings come with, is a touch or trackpad.

Ahead of Nexus 9 tablet announcement, custom HTC charging keyboard case leaks

A charging port is built into the hinge between the folio screen cover for the tablet and the keyboard portion. The screen cover will allow the tablet to be sandwiched for easy traveling while the screen cover part can be folded over to prop the tablet up when typing, allowing for a nice stand. The folio portion is said to be coming in either leather or polyurethane options.

The keyboard is rumored to pair with the Nexus 9 via Bluetooth and NFC.

Do you think Google will release this rumored accessory? Are you interested in buying it if Google does debut a charging keyboard folio case?

Source: Android Police, Upleaks


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Ahead of new rumored Nexus tablet announcement, custom HTC charging keyboard case leaks


Its going to be cool and great that HTC is getting back to tablets. It won't be suitable (unless there is something like the S-Pen) but hopefully it will be something for the kids for Christmas

If this had good pen input it would be my next big purchase. I could easily manage without a laptop with a case like this and a nice stylus.

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I have a Nexus 7 and I have always said that they do it right. Phones not so much IMHO but the tablet is just fine and good for most uses. I just use the S-Pen more. on my Note 12.2 (hate the home button on the tablet)

What do you use the S-Pen for on the tablet? I'm not artistically inclined, and I wouldn't have any use for it on any of the apps that I use for work, but I'm always curious about other people's use cases.

I am not either (artistic) but I use it a whole lot more for meeting notes, meetings themselves, flowchart stuff, stuff like whiteboard scribble, writing pseudocode in meetings.

I guess it is really just meeting notes kinda things. I do not (well have not) done the photo editing kinda stuff and I use my note 3 for the dumb stuff (grocery lists, reminders, texts, as a portable SD Drive)

It is not exciting but it REALLY makes my work life easier.

Got to be obnoxious, eh!

A less snarky and more appropriate way of presenting 'your' personal preference would be to write: "It won't be suitable for 'me' unless it has something like an S-Pen. "

While "something like an S-Pen" might be nice and perhaps they've included it. Maybe the 22.34% of Note 3 owners who are using their stylus on a regular basis don't feel it's necessary to have something like an S-Pen on another device.

Moreover, based on this keyboard option and other rumors I'm confident Google isn't targeting this Nexus tablet for kids.

I'm also under the impression a variety of stylus being sold can work on many touchscreen devices.

Not snarky or obnoxious with my reply. It is jsut the way it is for me.

My kids are 17 and 21 so we are not talk little kids.

Oh and you are right, I did mean to put in "suitable for me"

You never gave me a link to your statistics about the s-pen....

Thats a garbage poll. It was open to all, not strickly Note 3 owners. If you want to go by that, 60+% use it at least some times and not just "showed it off and put it away"

Whatever you say there chief. It is still an unscientific poll and is meaningless. It is like the ones around here. If they were true the Android landscape would be much different.

The Note successfully fills a market niche. If 35 million Notes are in use, then perhaps 8 million regularly use the S-Pen.

As more tablets are sold, I wouldn't be surprised if more S-Pen type devices became available as either an accessory or third party items with companion app.

That doesn't mean every tablet has to encase an uncomfortably thin stylus device otherwise it's useless.

No it does not, but my main beef is that you are throwing out a garbage poll and passing it as a fact.

BTW there are a lot more than 35 million notes out there...

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Except you started this thread with the statement: "It (the new Nexus T) won't be suitable unless there is something like an S-Pen".

As usual, you now have issues about other issues while backtracking, obfuscating, and denying.

For people looking for a pretty close to stock tablet with a stylus, the Shield Tablet is a pretty fantastic option. I picked one up a couple weeks ago, and I'm loving it so far.

Oh, it's definitely not. It's fine for note-taking and doodling and game input, but I don't think there are any Android devices with stylus input that match the Surface Pro.

One of my ingress buddy's is getting his shield Friday. Can't wait to have a play see if it is going to be my future purchase

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If you're getting it for gaming, you won't be disappointed. I played through Portal and Half-Life 2 (connected by HDMI to my TV, and using the wireless controller) and it handled it without a stutter.

This may be my first tablet after the the initial release frenzy dies down.
Hopefully there will be enticing Holiday specials.

I honestly think this may have a chance of regaining some of what Google wants. But, I do use the crap out of my spen....and I saw above lol

Their Evo View 4G, Flyer, and Jetstream tablets had nice pressure sensitive pens that were great for note taking and for drawing.
Sadly HTC didn't support the tablets with updates and left them with horrid buggy Honeycomb builds.

It sounds like a full frontal attack on the iPad, and I for one would love to see it. As an old Palm guy, a stylus was fun, and I missed it for awhile. I'll have to see how it plays out. Either way I want this HTC NEXUS to work, otherwise Samsung will be moving in with me!

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It looks cool but I don't no whever to get the tab s 8.4 because I love amoled screens or wait for the nexus 8 :\

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Rumors and logic indicate the new Nexus T will have front facing stereo speakers resulting in an excellent media experience and on screen buttons with HTC's superb build quality.

There will be various storage options as well as cellular radios or wifi only options. Accessories availability is not expected to lag this time because HTC has an excellent history with supporting accessories availability for their devices.

Wouldn't it be interesting if some of HTC's Sense features like Blinkfeed could be designed to be compatible and available for download from Google Play.

I currently own a Nexus 10 and many of the promised accessories, even ones they demoed, are yet to be available anywhere. It took months for them to get their smart cover released, and even then it wasn't what was promised and plenty of 3rd party vendors had better ones out months before at a substantially cheaper price. Hopefully the same won't happen this time.

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I just pray to god this has a display with DPI greater than 330 or I won't even look at the joke. It's almost 2015 and I'm tired of seeing pixels. If the rumored low DPI is real, it better not cost a cent over $299

Good point. Resolution is important to me also.

Among many reasons I like my HTC One (M7) is the bright IPS Super LCD 3 display which has 469 DPI.

What tablets currently have greater than 330 DPI display resolution? I think only one may be Amazon's Kindle Fire HX at 339 DPI.

I believe all iPads with their famous Retina display are in the 200s. Maybe there is more to clarity and true color rendition than simply DPI.

I'm definitely going to check demo models and reviews before purchasing.

The iPad Mini 2 had a PPI of about 324, rivaling the 2013 Nexus 7. The iPad Air only has a PPI of 264.

And, yeah, there is more to a display than PPI. Hell, the Oppo N1 had a 1080p display, but the panel was low quality, according to some reviewers.

The PPI on the 2013 N7 and Retita iPad mini are the same... And I never said PPI is everything, all I said is I won't even consider it if it's less than what I am used to on my N7 because I can still see pixels on the iPad Air...even though it is a high quality display.

1) Why are you getting defensive? I was simply replying with a fact. EDIT: sorry, I read your comment wrong. Proceed directly to #2 lol.

2) my reply wasn't even meant for you, i was replying to jimbo, which I apologize for not clarifying.

3) good for you, that you can see pixels on the iPad Air, lol. I don't see any pixels on it and it works for my needs.

A new HTC designed Nexus tablet would be very welcome, more so with a nice keyboard cover. I know others looking for the same combination but finding few well designed options.

I would also be interested in a Chrome Book, especially if Google expand the scope to be more like Android.

Awesome AC.

hopefully there will be accessories this time as the nexus 10 was severely lacking ....why include pogo charger if they never produce any accessories or docks for it !

If this is a large enough screen I'd probably end up getting this instead of a Chromebook depending upon the price point.