adobe flash on the htc evo install adobe flash on the htc evo

The above is a screen grab of full on Adobe Flash on my HTC Evo.  Still running Sense, still running Eclair, you don't even have to root your phone. (Giggity).  I've shared my new found love affair with Flash on the podcast, so y'all know I'm in Android-Geek heaven -- thanks to the wizards over at XDA forums.  Wanna see good news get even better?  This works on the Sprint Hero, and might just work on other Sense 2.1 devices -- including the HTC Droid Incredible

Enough reading, who's going to test and see? Go get it [xda-developers]

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jason821 says:

Nevermind my stupid comment

benthe1 says:

What comment was that?

jeffreytz says:

Wow pretty cool, does it seem hardware accelerated at all?

tester1328 says:

I sure HTC did it for flash, and I installed flash 10.1 into my HTC Desire...Wow, it work!! I test it as this web site:

I am also tested as below web site and tell me adobe Flash version is 10,1,123,391:

if you read the full thread, or if you installed this file weeks ago when it was posted... you will soon realize this is not full flash at all and likely does nothing that flash lite wasn't already. one thing is certain this is definitely not full flash.

This is NOT working. It is still using Flash Lite even after install. Every instance of "sites working" has been demonstrated to also work on Flash Lite, with the same performance level.

I highly recommend Android Central remove this article or strike it out. All of this is explained in the sourced thread.

ak110707 says:

It installed on incredible...

onejoo1 says:

Is this legit?

ak110707 says:

Ya, i think so. It wouldn't run "curveball" so idk

as4life says:

I could of sworn they established this as not working

Nope I even tried the new .apk on my Inc same placebo effect same as flash lite.

This works on the Incredible. I was able to load the Hulu front page. That never worked before.

VMdoug says:

Installed and working on my EVO (I guess) is it full or lite?

fraz says: or hulu do not work after i installed this on my Evo. Still running as the lite version. I think this is a bunk apk.

Simer03 says:

this is not full! Come on Jerry, get your stuff right!

jonnyl says:

This is NOT full Flash.

pmdied says:

Installed on Incredible but have yet to find a site that will recognize..

d3xn2o says:

I read somewhere you need to disable Flashlite for Full flash to work... This was weeks ago...

flash light could still be taking priority...

Awake says:

That may be true, on that same token, there is no option in browser settings to enable flash 10.1.

Blubble#AC says:

I briefly tried it with a game on my EVO 4G that did not work with Flash Lite. The game runs using the new Flash 10.1. It's obviously not as fast as on a PC, but it seems usable.

I'll have to do some more testing for stability.

I did notice that I had to tap the Flash area first to get the game to run.

gbhil#AC says:

Easy people. There's enough reports (including my own at )that this acts "differently".

With this apk, videos play normally with sound.

Without, they open in HTC flash player.

It's clearly doing something.

Like the poster above, popcap's online games work here. Very slowly, but work none the less.

It worked in Flash Lite as well. Because it is Flash Lite.

aldrydd says:

I had this installed, and certain things (mainly videos) worked differently, but nothing that didn't work for Flash Lite worked in any useful way, so I've now un-installed.

Bit of a let-down for me, but it might help others.

Yusuf says:

Works great on my Hero, you guys are crazy good

anyone that reads the full thread on xda will see that even the original poster of the thread says it doesn't work. this is weeks old now and proven not to work.

beaker77 says:

It does indeed work. Nowhere in the post does the OP say it doesn't.

mr.saving says:

I'll pass

Spork1673 says:

whats a good site to test this one i tried the games on facebook but the browser crashes

lov2xlr8#AC says:

I don't know If this is full or 3/4 flash but Its working on my EVO, Nasty sites and all hah!
I know cause i had tried some of them before and didn't work, now they do

mikevember says:

All we need now is the 30fps to be boosted up a bit so video runs smoother.

jeff327 says:

It works great on my Incredible using the stock browser.

scottfromga says:

gimme some tips....maybe I installed it wrong or something. didnt see any improvements on my incredible.

bighoward305 says:

I'm brand new when it comes to Android, should I steer clear until a legit release comes along? Oh yeah I'm rockin the Evo....

beaker77 says:

Works on my EVO! Adobe's flash player demo works and verifies the version that is installed. Using stock browser. That is a flash animation at the top of the page. Full flash not FlashLite.

as4life says:

You can see that with stock flash

beaker77 says:

Nope I just got the hourglass then a red X before installing this APK.

PhilR8 says:

I can see it on my stock Evo. Just tried it.

I see it without installing this on my Incredible. I really don't think this works. Maybe if your internet connection is bogged down it doesn't load the flash content but on wifi mine loaded right up.

scottfromga says:

didnt see any improvements on my Incredible. Anyone have any tips, I'd love to hear them. Used Astro to install the .apk...its already been uninstalled and removed from my jewel.

bigga85 says:

I'm SOOO PISSED! I can not find the EVO Anywhere here in sw FL! Everywhere is sold out!

Eazy123 says:

Wait - and I'm a noob so bear with me - but I'm using Dolphin browser and I'm seeing Flash elements working just that Flash Lite?

sjcea says:

It works Perfectly on my Incredible !!! Flash 10.1 is fully functional on my phone !! I dont care what anyone here is saying !! it would not install after I downloaded that apk file , even my phone said its a file it could not recognize , however Astro file manager finds it and installed it 1st time , then there was a noticable difference on several webistes I have bookmarked that never worked , now they do , also some video's that used to open with the HTC flash player now open faster, play better and there is NO mention of and HTC flash player anymore !!! 10.1 Flash has arrived and its on my Incredible with HTC Sense !!!! AWESOME !!!!

can you watch hulu videos now?

sjcea says:

yes HULU is working !!! AWESOME !!!

dadavises says:

Its seems to be working on my EVO with the stock browser. is doing all the normal stuff

dadavises says:

IMO, its looks like on my phone, the stock browser and Dolphin HD browser are supporting flash. Skyfire didn't seem to support as least on my phone.

i just installed it on my evo

fortemusic says:

Holy hell, it works on the Evo. I didn't have Flash Lite enabled and I am seeing Flash on as well as Android Central's front page...takes a second to load but wow!!!

Saepak says:

My Hulu is working if I use the regular Internet. Not Dolphin HD. Just so everyone knows that is were the kicker is. But the bummer is only the front page loads. the actual shows won't load up.

rufflez says:

Flash lite does that.

likwidsoul says:

I tried to install on my friends evo and it didn't even recognize it as a program. But also you have to remember that the nexus that it was shown on had jit so it will be a lot smoother than on a device that doesn't have jit.

rufflez says:

Thanks Jerry!

It works for me. I can play all games on adicting games. Can watch videos.. Albeit a little slower than desktop.. It works.

Tumbleweed says:

Is this perhaps simply a new version of Flash Lite?

sjcea says:

Test your flash version here

I did this on my phone and it says YES its installed

It says it's installed and 10.1 on my EVO too, even though I have NOT installed Flash 10.1 on my EVO.

People, this does not work. It is just Flash Lite, it is the same thing as the stock Flash Lite your browser comes with, except that it will not turn off via the browser's checkbox.

sjcea says:

What version does your evo say ??? It DOES WORK as I can go to so many sites that NEVER worked before and now they do , it also says I have version 10,1 so maybe you did something wrong , it is up and running on my incredible and working GREAT !! Also when certain videos open that used to say HTC Flash player , now they open faster and it no longer says HTC Flash !!!!

as4life says:

What version does it say you have installed?

sjcea says:

It tell me I have adobe Flash version 10,1,123,391 installed on my HTC Incredible !!!

sjcea says:

trried to install this on my wifes Motorola Droid but it wont download ?? Works great on my Incredible though!!!

as4life says:

It tells me I have Adobe Flash version 10,1,123,404 installed on my Evo!!!! (BTW this is stock)

jeffsanace says:

I'm watching the podcast posts on the main page now on my Evo. Could'nt do that before, so I would have to say it works.

as4life says:

I am also watching podcast with my Evo but with Flash Lite

sjcea says:

Be doubters all you want , bottom line it works on my phone , many things load and play that did not before , Adobe's own site says it is installed and the HTC Flash player no longer shows up for all the videos it used to before , they also play quicker and better than before and even flash based games are working

LMU says:

I can confirm that this works on my Incredible. Managed to play a game of Bookwork with sound.

aznmode says:

Hey guys maybe the stock is already 10.1. I can play yahoo, facebook games and can watch full episode videos on NBC without this update. I watched the last episode of heroes last night. They all take a while to load but they eventually do.

BUNK says:

I can now watch videos I have on my personal web site that would never play before. And this is on a Hero. I never installed Lite so don't have a clue what it is. It did take up a chunk of internal RAM.

cjrivera04 says:

Is everyone smoking crack, does no one realize that the lite version of Adobe is 10.1.1. Look at the picture above. Supposedly the full version is 10.1.6. If you go to the Adobe site and have it check what version you have and it says 10.1.1 then you still have lite. This did nothing for my Evo. I was still able to access the same sites no difference. After installing it I still had 10.1.1 instead of version 10.1.6. Uninstall and wait for the real thing.

wrecklass says:

Here is what is happening. Those of us with EVOs can see all of these websites and videos WITHOUT installing this apk because the stock Flash version is 10.1 Lite.

Those of you with older Androids can see new videos with the apk because it is the same Flash that the EVO has.

I have not installed the apk on my EVO, and every one of those sites listed has worked for me.

This is not the Flash you are looking for.


That is why some are excited and the EVO users are all going, "what the?"

sjcea says:

I might add I can also long press in ANY Adobe flash video on the web and it will give me the option to go full screen on my HTC Incredibe , there isnt a flash content site out there that I cant load and watch , even videos embedded inside of the web pages all work and I can long press and make them all full screen , this is awesome !! I have Flash 10.1 on my Incredible with HTC Sense !!!!

aznmode says:

Here is a video I took of stock Evo on

p4trickh#IM says:

For me I did a version check before and after using several different sites and its the same, no change. Also no real change in performance and it even says HTC Flash Player lite or whatever. I rebooted a few times, cleared cache, etc.

Look guys, Adobe is incompetent and probably even stupid, but if it were this easy to get full flash on Android 2.1 don't you think they'd already have done it? We already know Adobe is willing to settle for buggy and crashey yet most of you guys say it runs "GREAT". Okay so what we think Adobe likes sitting around with no Full Flash on all these android phones, that they said would have it last February, when all it took was a simple APK and the changing of a config file? REALLY??

I know you guys have probably heard Occam's Razor so I'm going to cease my lecture and just say if you don't know it, look it up and then once you do know it/you already did know then think about how it applies to this scenario.

Well ladies and gents, my test would be to check the videos section. I have Lite running, and have been able to see all the flash content many of you are pointing us too, soooo... not a good example (yes, all the gaming sites like miniclip)

NOTHING shows up on the CNN video page... just blank space where that content would be. Check it out, and post folks. Thanks.

sjcea says:

Your wrong ! Everything on the CNN video page works for me !!! My Incredible plays ALL VIDEO CONTENT !!!

sjcea says:

Looking under applications on my incredible , there it is clear as day , Adobe Flash 10.1 !!! That was never there before , and I am watching flash content video all over the web now. For all you non believers and doubters , Flash 10.1 is working in the HTC Incredible !!!