HTC Desire

Here we go with an up-close-and personal look at the HTC Desire, the just-announced smartphone featuring Android 2.1 and the newest version of the Sense UI. Remember that it's nearly a carbon-copy of the Google Nexus One, save for the trackball and buttons at the bottom. Same screen, same 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

Enough small talk. Pics after the break.

HTC DesireHTC Desire

HTC DesireHTC Desire

HTC DesireHTC Desire

HTC DesireHTC Desire

HTC Desire

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Joene says:

No noise cancellation mic?

Joene says:

Still like the native interface better, it offers just to much possibilities. Where's the oversight? Great device anyway

magnum#AC says:

Touch is great for a lot of things and very flexible, but not for every single function. I also like a dedicated volume control and a dedicated power/lock button. I just don’t see any possible negatives to having those. If you want to duplicate those functions with touch as well, that’s fine, but give me my buttons. Hopefully this one can live up to the expectation of the users: More:

Joene says:

Belgian online smartphone Shop ( says that the desire will be available for delivery in Belgium and The Netherlands on 9/4/2010 (that's 9 April for you Americans who don't get the day/month/year format). It seems that it's going to be an early april launch.

rick707 says:

Looks great, hope its a verizon phone. I've love to have a giant hopped up version of the eris

diaztradeinc says:

I love the sense ui but, I wouldnt trade my nexus for anything. We'll have the sense ui soon anyway haha. :)

afazel says:

Very nice. I'm not impressed with FriendStream, but the rest is nice. I'm surprised she didn't demo the pinch-to-homescreen feature, though.

gdubmedia says:

With these specs, any chance it could come to Sprint? I'm still a little confused about the whole "bands" thing. I know with the GSM/EDGE bands those are European...

barake says:

Sprint is CDMA only, so HTC would need to swap out the radio. GSM and CDMA are not compatible.

I lust after shiny new updates. They could do nothing but tweak the colors or add pretty transitions and one useful feature and I'd be down for it. I can't wait until the new UI is released for the Sprint Hero. Mmm... updates...

Bosskee says:

So is there any sort of confirmation it will come to Verizon?

Gary Sion says:

T-Mobile UK confirmed via Twitter it will be hitting their network on March 26. US carriers will probably have to wait a bit longer, but already rumors are saying T-Mobile USA is going to pick this one up.

Toro says:

That is music to my ears :)

I would love to get the Nexus one, but Google is limiting the discounted price to new customers only, and on top of that, you have to switch your plan. And if you're on a family plan (like I am), you don't qualify for the upgrade and have to pay the full outrageous price of $530. So, long story short, I'm stoked about the HTC Desire!

Quasar says:

In my mind, it's more outrageous to buy the phone on contract and pay the extra $20 a month for the same service you can have off contract. It ends up costing more on contract even with the new customer discounted price. It's just not as noticeable because it's spread out over two years. I know $529 seems like a lot to pay upfront but with some planning, I was able to save up for it, and it was totally worth it.

rufflez says:

AC stated the Legend was the sexiest device... I respectfully disagree, I love this phone's shape (I can't stand the chin... thats why I like my Sprint Hero!)

Quasar says:

I like the Nexus One better. I'm choosing not buy any Android phones with a custom UI even if I really like it a lot. After all the time that Android has been out, not one phone with a custom UI has ever been updated to a newer version of Android. Yes, I know that none of the older phones have been updated to 2.x yet but the G1 and the MT3G did get an update to 1.6. That's more than can be said for phones with a custom UI. In fact, Sony has spent so much time building the X10 UI on 1.6 that it won't be getting an update to 2.x anytime soon. By the time they have it ready for 2.x, 3.x could be out. If you compare all this to the N1, the N1 has already seen it's first update to "2.1 Update 1" even in the short time it has been out. With Google in control of the N1 and any future Google phones, I'm guessing they will continue to be the first phones to get updates so I'm glad to have the N1. If that's something that is important to a person like it is to me, the best option is to buy the N1 if on a compatible carrier or wait until Google sells a phone that is compatible with their chosen carrier. I'm excited to see what happens with N1 sales once it's on Verizon.

Anonymous says:

What is the Clock Widget on the Nexus One pictured above?

nox says:

Sense UI
Get Beautiful Widgets though ;)

BOBKA#AC says:

First photo (top of device) is NOT Desire.
It's Windows Mobile Phone