HTC Flyer Best Buy

Update: Here's the official word from Best Buy.

"It was a momentary pricing error. The correct price is $299.99."

We've got word into Best Buy corporate to help clear things up, but we're willing to bet this is what happened. AC reader @boomstickah points us to this shot snapped by @nutzareus of a correction notice at his Best Buy store, saying the Best Buy website incorrectly listed the HTC Flyer at $99. That makes a little more sense, no?

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A $99 HTC Flyer at Best Buy? Maybe not


I was just told the same thing. I called a store and they said they're $299 and that anyone that bought one online will be refunded their money and they won't let them have it for $99.

I got lucky, I bought two this morning, before they opened, at $99 each, saw employee outside while Geeksquad was loading up, and he sold two early. I am an honest person, I feel bad, so I hope the guy doesn't get in trouble.

I went to the store and they were 299 but one guy bought on and it rang up a 99. He bought one and so did I.

same here, wasted a drive up there. Already have a touchpad but figured it was too good a deal to not try.

Not for what is. Single core (and a Snapdragon at that) and Android 2.3? Forget it at $299. Not when there are much better tablets at the $399 mark.

I might have sprung for $149 on this. I wouldn't buy it at $299.

No joke, I went at 9:00 a.m. this morning, opens at 10:00, and I saw a geek squad guy there, and asked if they had them, he said yes. I wanted to make sure, since the wife had to be somewhere at 10:00 and she was going to leave me with the baby sitting outside the store.. He sold me two at $99, then I get home and read this. I guess I got lucky!

Dude you got so lucky! I bet there were a handfull that got sold at $99. (A bunch of them got sold on the web site for that). What is BB going to do about that? Are they going to eat the $200 for every online sale??? or are they going to send an appology email to everyone. (and probably a lame coupon for %10 off).????????

They sent a so sorry email, no% off. Not a very good way to do business. They were quick to take money from my account, haven't seen it put back yet.

Someone at our Best Buy caved from the $99 price and wanted to buy one at $299. When the Flyer was scanned it was priced at $99 in their POS but manually changed back to $299.

Also, the Flyers at our store were kept behind the online pickup counter and not in the locked cabinets near the tablets.

Huntington? =) I just did the same thing (wonder if that was me you saw) and I'm not planning on keeping if if corporate doesn't do the right thing.

haha, that's funny because someone was leering over me when I got one and he commented how it got rung up for $99. I'm on the phone right now with corporate, will report back my results.

This just reminds me of when the touchpad fire sale occurred and Best buy wasn't selling them only to sell them the next day. If it's in fact $299 I plan on returning it and picking up the K1 for my son at $199.

A bit pissed. I called the BestBuy on 14th and they said they were sold out. Someone is full of something. And it is probably BestBuy. The girl said they were sold out in store since last night.

Oh well.


I have to say, that if this doesnt drive home the point that people want tablets, good ones at 99 dollar price point i dont know what will... there was a line at my best buy. Those poor employees, they are trying to defend their position when in truth it was an error, but the masses want this!

I just left Best Buy after driving 20 miles (Braintree Ma) quickly to get there as they opened. I was met by about 20 others with the same idea. As we all rushed to the computer section we were stopped by a salesperson who quickly told us "the Flyer was a typo--Im sorry people"...needless to say there were some disappointed folks.
After a few minutes, as I was looking at the other devices the salesperson then says "I wouldn't pay $50 for any junky Android tablet" I said "Why?" his response was "Its not a IPAD". My response was "remind me not to hire you for my sales floor"

Price inaccuracy and his dumb comments ---NOT Cool

I took off work, stood in line to hear this BS. Called and they said they would not honor the price and then hung up on me. Great Business!

They sold a bunch of them at $299.00. Ours sold out October 1st. I live in a non-geeky area (I thought) and there was a line for all 12 of them. I got #7.

Wow, that was exciting! I saw this on my Evo Android Central Widget, I saw that it was sold out online, I had 5 minutes to get to best buy before they opened. I ran out of work, jumped in my car. On the way, I went through a red light, I ran over an old lady and a dog. I cut off a school bus and ran them into a ditch. I got there and ran into the store (the parking lot was oddly packed). Only to find a long angry line at the customer service center. Pricing mistake on the web site. No dual core, I don't like the small slotted speakers (right where you hold it) and no honycomb, not worth $299. It's amzaing for $99, but not $299. Sorry HTC, I love you, but there will be better tablets out there soon for cheaper. Amazon has changed the game.
Oh Well, That was the most excitement I have had in a while :)

I waited in front of their inside door at my mall today for 30 minutes to have the other door opened first and the one other person that showed up for it got the one they had for $99. I am super pissed of they would have opened the door on time it would have been mine. I watched her buy the only one.

The website still says $99, and the stylus is listed at $39 instead of $79. I stood in line with a bunch of other folks, including my boss, for nothing. Not happy in Tally.

Price online will be updated at noon. I think their web site is on a 6 hour refresh cycle. I am stuck at home with infants, but I had my wife haul ass over to BB to get two. But before she could get out of Target, the error came to light.

I personally think this will be the price sometime soon. The fact that the stylus was also slashed? I think someone just flipped the switch prematurely. I would give this another week or two.

I'm with you. The Flyer has not been as well received as other Android tablets. Plus the fact that 3 new 7 inch models from other companies are on the way makes me think that $99 will be the price soon. Time to wait I guess.

I went to the store before they opened as well and got in line. Shortly after, they put that sign up saying that it was an error.

When I got home, I was annoyed to see that the price on the website was (and still is) the incorrect price. I called the dedicated premier silver customer service line and informed them that I was extremely disappointed in them and would not be buying anything else from Best Buy. I let them know that all five phones on my account were due for upgrades now and that I'd be buying all those smart phones from the sprint store instead.

I'm not angry that they made a mistake; I'm angry about how they handled it. I pointed out to the customer service representative that by not correcting the price on the website, they are manipulating people to rush to the store, with false hopes of getting a great deal. Since they are aware of the error, there is no reason not to correct it online, except to be manipulative. That's what angers me - all of these people unnecessarily taking time out of their busy day or using up their lunch break, only to be disappointed.

They waited so long to correct it (it just got corrected at 11:22am) that I think they wanted everyone to go running into best buy. They got some crazy publicity out of it anyway.

Exactly. It seems like some manipulative publicity move to me, which is what pisses me off, rather than the initial mistake itself.

This is exactly what they probably did. I ran to the nearest BB and the sales woman said "sorry, it was a pricing error". There was another guy there who said "do you at least have them in stock?" she informed him that there was only 1 left in the store and the reason why was that after people came running into the store, even though it was an error on pricing, they still purchased it at the $299 price.

Man this sucks. I woke up late this morning. As I'm getting ready I happened to check on here and I see HTC Flyer $99. I drop my breakfast. Grabbed my work bag and ran out. I got to the Best Buy parking lot and I see a guy walking with 3 of them. As I get to the computer section I see a big crowd. Then a sales person says to me. HTC Flyer. I said yes you still have them in stock. No we sold out. Plus it's $299 not $99. That's when I saw the correction memo. He told me that a couple of people did get it for $99. Those that did in store pick up last night. I have the HP Touchpad but I'm getting tired of waiting for Android. Plus I'm in love with the 7 inch form factor. But I have the feeling that come holiday season we will see some incredible deals on tablets. I think companies are starting to realized that people don't want to pay more than $300 for tablets. Let's be honest folks for most of us they are just toys. Have a good one gang!!!

Yep it is back at $299 online. My store doesn't open for another 45 minutes still but I was fully planning on running in there and clubbing an employee over the head and seeing if while they were in a daze they'd still sell it to me for $99. Now that the online price is fixed I don't see that happening. I think I'll still call them just for fun when they open and see if I can get lucky.

I went to my local Best Buy Store (Poughkeepsie, NY) and they also had it advertised on in store display for $99. They said it was a mistake online but didn't have an answer about the display. They wouldn't even honor their own in store price. When I got home I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I have filed complaints before and they take these complaints seriously. I even got out of a cellular contract with a BBB complaint. I'm filing for false advertising which they are completely guilty of. An online mistake is one thing but when they have it advertised in the store as well for $99 and don't honor that price you better bet there will be hell to pay. Fuck you Best buy.

No I didn't when it was bought to their attention they took it off fast and didn't know what to say. I suggest everyone also file with the BBB for the same reason.

Man,company makes an error and you want to make a complaint, that's just greed. It was clearly an error on their part, so stop whining about it.

EXACTLY! I wonder how they'd all feel if someone followed them around nitpicking every mistake they made and foolishly throwing out threats of legal action for such.

I worked retail through high school and college and I can tell you that all the people who are "whining" have the right to. There are laws in place about falsely advertising the price and the only greed involved is the corporate greed of best buy. Yes, it was a mistake, but it was their mistake, so it is their responsibility to make things right.

Thank you! There's a principle involved here that you and I can see which many here are unaware of. By law Best Buy has to reply to my complaint in two weeks and if I can still get it for $99 then I'll have the last laugh. Mistake or not it's false advertising.

File a complaint, it takes a few minutes:

There's no principle involved here. There's just your self entitlement. A company that makes an error, then fixes it BEFORE you get there has no obligation to honor a past error. Errors happen, some people get lucky, most of us don't, but you are not entitled to that error if you are unlucky or slow.

Not responding to your complaint is exactly what they should do. You have no right to take advantage of an error.

If you read his original post, you'd see that it was not fixed BEFORE he got there - they fixed it AFTER he saw the signage advertising the $99.99 price IN THE STORE.

Well I guess I won't be getting a tablet after all. At $99 i would have gotten one. $299 is still to high for a tablet IMO.

Best Buy's site now displays the following when I click on the Flyer.

"Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

The page may be temporarily unavailable or may no longer exist. There are a few things you can try:

Return to the Home Page
View the Site Map
Shop our Name Brands
Shop our main categories:

TV & Video
Car & GPS
Cameras & Camcorders
Mobile Phones & Office
Music, Movies & Books
Video Games & Gadgets
Home & Appliances"

The best buy website for the HTC Flyer is no longer pulling up. Anyone else seeing this?
The page reads:

Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

The page may be temporarily unavailable or may no longer exist.

I had my mom go grab one since I'm at work. She was in line (2nd person) and the guy in front of her bought his and left. She literally had handed over her money to the clerk when he got a call on his headset and stopped. They were made to wait 10 minutes, until a manager came over and told them that Best Buy would not be able to sell them it for $99. Mom argued, but it didn't matter. Missed it by THAT much!

Left work at 10 and tried the Hanover, MD BB. Several folks, including me, trying to get it, and refused to honor the price at $99. We all walked out empty handed.

I think as others have showed, the demand is there if the price is right. For better or worse, Android tablets can't command the price premium that Apple can get. The prices that they're selling at keeps adoption slow. Until they figure that out, or are willing to sell them for what the market can pay, Android tablet makers can't expect to gain on Apple.

I'm hoping Amazon really shakes this business up.

I bought a Flyer last Sunday for $299. I saw the sale price of $99 this morning on Android Central and went to Best Buy at 10:00. They refunded me $200 right away. I guess its my lucky day today. I wanted to buy another Flyer but they were out of stock. Another Best Buy in town had them in stock. So I drove there but they told me $99 was a mistake they tdo not honor this price and I would have to pay $299.
Thanks Android Central for saving me $200 !!!

I bought two at $299.99 a piece. I'll sit on them for 2 weeks... If the price drops.. I get an adjustment. If it doesn't... I'll return them. #proactive

I'm considering doing this as well. The best buy a couple miles from me lists it as being in stock... I might buy one, not open it and if the price doesn't drop, I'll return it at the end of the 14 days.

I saw tweet at 8:30 this morning. Drove 45 miles from SE Georgia to Jacksonville, FL. Was first in line. Called bestbuy's toll-free number while waiting for the store to open. They confirmed 7 in stock @ $99. Got in the store and took this picture of the flyer for $99. But the manager turned us all away.

For fun I still went to our store in SLC when they opened. I walked straight to the HTC Flyer display and asked the lady if they had them. She told me they sold out of them a few days ago but she would check in the back. She said her inventory showed they had another one in a different store and she'd put it on hold for me. Just then the manager came up with a big grin on his face. He of course knew exactly what I was doing and told me about the error as he was pulling the tag out. I asked him if some people were able to get it for $99 and he said he wouldn't be surprised at all if some people back east really got one before the mistake was more well known. Oh well... It was worth a try.

Awesome story for everyone!
So I read on AC twitter that the flyer went on sale for 100 bucks, what sucks is I was waiting for a flight to go to LA so I had no way to go to a store to get it.
Now here is the awesome part!
The flight had a layover in Las vegas and in the las vegas airport they have best buy " vending machines" I saw the flyer in there and it was going for the 99.99 price. So I bought one!
So if anyone else is in the airport you might be lucky too!
Now I have too many tablets lol.
An asus transformer, Hp touchpad, and now a Flyer!

Had the price in hand that I printed directly from their website at 8am PST. They will not honor it. Filing a complaint with my local state AG's office for false advertisement.

I work at an airport. Just check the BB vending machine. It says $99 but out of stock. I'm sure someone got whatever was left if any.

I was fortunate to get 4 of them. Here is my receipt from this morning. I was there promptly at 10am. These will make great Christmas gifts and this is 100% better than the HP Touchpad. Pic below :)

Best Buy I hope, did not do do this for publicity, because if they did they just took their store off the Christmas shopping list....

Seriously does anyone who bought one want to get in together to form a lawsuit? I purchased one online and they shipped it yesterday only to change the status today to return to sender. The money left my account by debit and now I am out money until they get it back and process the item. This is unruly business practices and bait and switch advertising.

Who's with me?