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Update still "on-track" for middle of next week says HTC America president Jason Mackenzie

HTC One users on T-Mobile, get ready for your moment in the sun next week, as the Android 4.3 update is headed your way as scheduled according to HTC America president Jason Mackenzie.

We've seen unlocked editions, as well as Sprint and AT&T versions get the update here in the states, and folks on T-Mobile and Verizon are understandably getting a little antsy. Hopefully, no "last second issues" keep the timeline from unfolding as planned.

Mrs. Hildenbrand says "whoop-whoop!"

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hodan says:

But.....What does the fox say?

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Mrs. Hildenbrand is a fox.

Troothdotcom says:

My nexus 4 has the update but I'm afraid it might brick my phone (again)

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bgbagz says:

Blah blah blah....... Hurry up Samsung. Ok bye now

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hodan says:

Genuine LOL. +1 to you and the Mrs.

KTMKTM says:

Wa pa pa pa pa pow!

jmwils3 says:

Wa-wa-way-do Wub-wid-bid-dum-way-do Wa-wa-way-do

dohboi1o1 says:


sswboard1211 says:

Any clue when my evo 4g lte brethren and I might see our update? HTC seems to be moving at a nice swift pace, and my Evo glitched out pretty bad today. I went to add contacts to my phone. the HTC default keyboard came up, halfway, then went down, on its own, leaving traces of its window behind and proceeded to do this for about 10 minutes, then I shut off the device, and powered it back on (when I added the contact the device was at 94 percent) and it was at 21 percent. So when (more specific than end of year please) might my evo 4g lte brethren and I see this update? also, Mr. Hildenbrand, when I start growing more facial hair, can you teach me to grow a hildenbeard? yes, it is now officially called a "Hildenbeard(TM)"

Amir47 says:

Go ask one X owners

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Phillycat says:

I'm hoping that it is out sometime next month.

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jimbo says:

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE will receive 4.3 & Sense 5 update by the end of December. Relax impatient children. Spoiler alert! Perhaps it will be your Christmas present. You'll continue to enjoy this first class best of breed truly unique smartphone as you have until then.

3165dwayne says:

You probably should get a custom rom on there. That sounds like a pretty bad glitch

Amir47 says:

Well that is when mid October is....

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HTC the Best

This means Wifi Calling is coming to my favorite ROMs!!!!

DaGODFather says:


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droidman401 says:

Finally!!! *The Rock voice*

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"Know your role and shut your mouth! Do you smell what the Rock... Is cookin!?"

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dacp283 says:


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this is amazing

ticktekk says:

I held on to my Dinc 2 until the ICS update was hopeless. I took a TMO HTC One with 4.1 to dump Verizon. Finally, goin' to be on the front side of the curve instead of the back Woo Hoo!! (Can you smell chocolate in the distance?)

Hunter Petit says:

I'm glad HTC and the carriers are trying to update their phones to the latest OS. Here comes 4.4!!!

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jeffajackson says:


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I'm grateful HTC and the providers are trying to upgrade their mobile phones to the newest OS. Here comes 4.4!!!

Dawnrider says:

When will my Samsung Galaxy SIII on O2 get the update?

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hodan says:

In about 5 minutes.

If not, wait another 5 mins and try again. Repeat till desired results are achieved.

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One thing I'll say, even though they said the update would be through in September, kudos to everyone involved for their swiftness and especially communication with this update.

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Allen Lee1 says:

Hope that the Verizon update will bring in the PowerSaver mode and also an FM Radio like the other HTC One's have. ugh...I dont know why verizon stripped them from the phone to start with

neilwmorris says:

Cincinnati Bell has rolled out the update to 4.3, at least my HTC One picked it up Saturday, 10/12/13.

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dohboi1o1 says:

oh Hai next middle of October...*Checks updates* nopes... no updates

wait...4.4 kitkat ? you don't freaking say ? wait, what was happening in the middle of next week in October again ??

igozzo says:

everywhere I look there is a news about HTC One update to Android 4.3, but non has published that the international version HTC One X and Oe X+ had an update to Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5. I have the HTC One X global edition and I got the update 3 week ago!!