You voted: these are the best Google Play apps, games, and movies of 2020

The Simpsons on Disney+
The Simpsons on Disney+ (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Play users have voted for their favorite apps of 2020 based on several different categories.
  • Highlights include a collection of novellas by Stephen King, and one of the highest grossing films of the year.
  • Google Play editors also included some of their favorite apps of the year.

The year is nearly over, and the votes are in! Google has just announced the results of the Play Store's Best Of 2020 users' choice awards. Every year, Google lets users vote on apps selected by the Play Store editors in a number of categories. Polling lasted throughout the month and ended on November 23, and we're now presented with the winners. Some may surprise you, while others are no-brainers.

Users' Choice 2020 (US):

App: Disney+

This one isn't surprising. Disney may not have had a lot of blockbuster films this year, but the presence of a dedicated app for all things Disney came at an idea time, when many people were stuck at home binging all their favorite shows. Disney Plus is still far behind Netflix in terms of subscribers, but it's gaining ground quickly, already beating its own estimates.

Game: SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

SpongeBob may be a bit of a throwback, but that doesn't stop the show for being incredibly "meme-orable" throughout the past several years. User can experience the underwater world of Bikini Bottom, exploring different areas, interacting with characters, and of course preparing orders for customers.

Movie: Bad Boys for Life

17 years after Bad Boys II was released, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunite for more action and hilarity. The film opened at the start of the year with positive reviews, making it one of the top grossing films of 2020.

Book: If It Bleeds by Stephen King

With this new book by esteemed writer, Stephen King, readers get access to four previously unpublished novellas. The chilling stories include "If It Bleeds", "Mr. Harrigan's Phone", "The Life of Chuck", and "Rat", and should satisfy anyone looking for a good read in between binge-watching shows on Disney+.

Google Play Editors' Choice (US):

In addition to the users' choice apps, Google Play editors have also included their own list of favorites, based on the same categories of apps.

Best App of 2020 (US)

Best Game of 2020 (US)

Best Movies of 2020- Top 5 (US)

Best Books of 2020- Top 5 (US)

Other notable mentions include Chris Hemsworth's "Centr" app for helping users with health and wellness, as well as the visually stunning and heartwarming game, Sky: Children of the Light. Did your favorite apps make the list? Perhaps it made Android Central's list of best apps of the year, which is also well worth a look, as we keep it constantly updated. And if you haven't yet checked out any of the listed apps, games, movies, or books, then there's no time like the present!

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