What's the most annoying thing about Android?

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While Android is obviously our preferred mobile OS of choice around these parts, that's not to say it's perfect. Android gets a lot of things right, but there are also plenty of aspects to it that can be rather annoying.

Recently, some of our AC forum members got to talking about the struggle of getting an Android device set up from scratch. If you've ever moved from one phone to another, you're all too familiar with how headache-inducing this process can be.

Here are a few of the highlights from that conversation:

I'm not here to bash Android, I've had tons of Android devices and I currently own a Note 10+. I performed a factory reset on the device because I went back to my iPhone and was just going to sell the Note. However, looking at the box there on my desk got me wanting to dive back in, maybe just adding another line to my account and keeping the Note as a second device. I've restored from my iPhone...


Android can be a handful. Samsung's the most customizable android short of rooting. You can make it act and look the way you want it to. That's why Android and Samsung. Bad gf's need wuv too... lots of it.


This is one of the reasons I stick with Pixel phones. No bloatware (and no, I don't count Google apps as bloatware), and since I primarily use Google cloud services (Drive, Keep, Photos, etc.), there's no need to worry about 3rd party backup/restore apps. Whenever I have to set up a new Pixel phone (or if I have to do a reset and set the phone back up again -- which I don't think I've ever had...

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Now, we want to hear from you — What about Android annoys you the most?

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