Facebook Messenger

At the beginning of the week we asked everyone if they uninstalled Facebook Messenger after the fuss over permissions. Stemming from a nine month old article at the Huffington Post, Facebook was called to the carpet about the crazy-scary long list of permissions they required to install the stand-alone Facebook Messenger app. Phil did a great job of explaining why those permissions were there, and it all comes down to whether or not you trust Facebook with the broad permissions they had to have for their app to run. If you haven't already, be sure to give it a read.

The poll pretty much echoed what we assumed it would. A large portion of Android fans (that would be 38-percent, and many of us, respectively) never had it installed in the first place. And 38-percent of us also said they did not uninstall the app. Another neat number — 2.2-percent, a total of 159 people — uninstalled it then reinstalled it.

You can see a breakdown of the 5-day result below.

Poll results

We're pretty sure that these numbers would be very different if people who don't read about this sort of thing were polled. In the end, we just hope that everyone took a few minutes to learn more about it all, then made an informed decision. Comment's are wide open, let's discuss it.