Twenty-one percent of BlackBerry owners not-so-secretly want Android

Can't say this is all that surprising, given the results of our unscientific poll back in June that found 37 percent of you said you were ditching BlackBerry for Android. A recent Nielsen survey done in the second quarter of this year found that 21 percent of 1,067 current BlackBerry owners wanted an Android smartphone next. Only 6 percent of 867 iPhone owners wanted to come over to Android, and we wonder if that's changed since Antennagate.

As for our own platform? Android now makes up 27 percent of U.S. smartphone purchases -- ahead of the iPhone's 23 percent. And out of 225 Android owners surveyed, 71 percent said they would stick with Android, and 21 percent wanted to go to the iPhone. (Again, wonder if that's changed since Antennagate.) A mere 3 percent of the Android owners said they wanted to go to BlackBerry. [Nielsen via All Things D and PreCentral]

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Phil Nickinson